Sunday 3 June 2012

T-Ractor the tractor for the future

Innovation in the auto industry is not just the city cars. Some designers also bring freshness in rural areas and agriculture with innovative concepts in the image of T-Ractor.

This concept was devised for those who use the tractor as a tool for daily work. First, T-Ractor embeds an electric motor. This ultra modern tractor was offered a trio of young designers. The machine displays a rather aggressive design with a sporty side. The tractor has LED lights that consume very little power. This gem is also equipped with comfortable chairs and flexible way bucket seat. Its roof is detachable and the wheel can be set to put the driver at ease.

Designers Chanhyun Park, Seong Min Lee Jaewha and Kim are the authors of this concept. Ecological, and especially attractive ergonomic T-Ractor has everything you need to succeed. It is also necessary to go beyond concept.

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