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Friday, 8 June 2012

Siri on the iPad with iOS 6

The iPhone 4S is so called not to take the example of the iPhone 3G that followed the iPhone 3G, but because of its unique feature: Siri. However, it may well be that this exclusivity explodes with iOS 6, the next major update of the operating system from Apple. The Apple brand is expected to unveil early next week features at WWDC and according to 9to5Mac; the voice recognition software could be ported to iPad.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

New iPad: 8 reasons not to call it iPad 3

Do not call more iPad 3, but the new iPad. 2012 version of the tablet from Apple unveiled last night by TIm Cook is nothing really revolutionary, but offers some nice changes especially as its Retina display. Here are the main novelties.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Free Mobile: top 5 phones available

Free Mobile has just developed its online store. It is now possible to buy a phone. Unsubsidized, and they are sold bare spot. So far, five models are available. Their prices are included in 49 and 220 euros. The list includes three Chinese phones (ZTE, Huawei) and two Samsung. Subsequently arrive the BlackBerry Curve 3G and S2 Galaxy (541 euros).

The iPhone 4S is, meanwhile, still in the queue offered by mobile Free Mobile when it was initially expected for January 27. Finally, we are faced with a choice quite limited at the moment and mainly composed of devices not exceeding the midrange.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Siri: techno iPhone inspires hackers - IV

Here's a more fun, but also more technical Siri. A developer has come, first tinkering with an electronic piano, capable of playing at a distance, but also to program Siri to be able to play the piano with an iPhone 4S. The piano? 

A Yamaha Disklavier is capable of recognizing a piece sent by the iPhone 4S as a MIDI file, via an Airport Express. 

The developer who designed this "hack" of Siri even added the "Play it again," to replay the song on request. The great art!

Friday, 30 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - V

Asus Eee Pad tranformer

Although it does not the headlines, the Eee Pad Transformer is one of the best-selling shelves in 2011. Asus reportedly sold 400,000 pieces this year, according to Digitimes. This is the concept of transformation that appeals. Mid-shelf and mid-netbook, it can turn into a computer through its keyboard dock on which it is attached. Android running, it displays a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels or better than the iPad for the same diagonal. Inside is a two Tegra processor that drives the machine. In the end, it was worth 370 euros today for the 16 GB version with keyboard, against 489 euros for an iPad 2.

Nintendo 3DS

Released in April, the 3DS was promised to an ideal future. Successor of the best-selling console of all time, the DS, she had regained the principle with a double screen and licenses such as legendary Mario or Zelda. But two spots came tarnish this idyllic picture: a 3D screen and energy-especially an introductory price of 250 euros, much too high. It was not until the summer of 2011 for Nintendo finally agreed to lower prices, although rapidly elsewhere. At 150 euros for the Big N. laptop finally sells like hotcakes. Logic, it is even cheaper than the DSi.

 iPhone 4S

Apple has already amply demonstrated its expertise in smartphones, but also about marketing and its ability to sell a new product. In October, all indications are that Apple will introduce a new phone during the keynote in the making. Many expected an iPhone 5, and it is finally an iPhone 4S to be announced, causing at first a disappointment among fans. Yet it is indeed the best product launch, in terms of sales ever made by Apple. He has broken the record of pre-orders in 24 hours in the U.S., reaching one million. The four million units sold will be met only a few days later.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Galaxy SII surpasses the iPhone 4S

Samsung is probably the builder who has done most to shadow Apple and its iPhone 4 in 2011. The Korean manufacturer, in litigation with the Cupertino company in several countries around the world, did not wait long to compare the Galaxy SII at the last iPhone, 4S. Of course, the Korean product surpasses its American counterpart.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

iPhone 4S: Chronicle of a missed opportunity

Yesterday Tim Cook has disappointed many by announcing an iPhone 4S instead of version 5 that everyone was waiting at a halt. If the phone itself is far from being technically ridiculous, he sins by design identical to the old and the size of its screen. A disappointment that has crystallized the expectations many sectors to Apple. That adheres to his philosophy or not, Apple is one of the companies that have profoundly affected the technology sector over the past decade. The wait is always important when the company presents one of its new products. Around the new iPhone was even more than usual.

This is due to two main reasons. Great expectation then disappointment They make fun of the iPhone already 5On mocks the iPhone already 5C'est first the first time that Apple expects October to unveil its updated in telephony. It was the summer before the company presented the evolution of its iPhone, it was settled in 2007 as a music paper. This additional time observers implied that Apple had struck a little more time to refine a new model really different from the old. On the other hand, in fifteen months of existence has seen the iPhone 4 sharpened competition seriously. The battalion has earned the Android phones cruppers in market share of the iPhone. The operating system of Google, for example now climbs to first place smartphone in France. With a market share of 28.5% (against 26.4% for IOS), it has experienced a rapid acceleration of its adoption (in January 2010 it accounted for only 3% of smartphones in France). Shipping Android phones are often cheap (which explains the rapid deployment), but some flagships like Samsung Galaxy S II and an impressive 4.3 inch screen mark the minds on the high end. Some of the "fanboys" the strongest so Apple waited to see an iPhone landing five big screen with a new look even thinner. Do not see land as a 4S iPhone at the sight of these two factors has led to very strong reactions to hot at the time of the announcement.

ABC shows including a report by a show still very successful voice recognition system. A strategy of reason rather than innovation Firefight delicate Tim Cook Baptême fire delicate Tim cook the keynote yesterday was indeed rather long (almost 1 h 40) and its first 50 minutes were largely assigned to the information that we already knew. IOS 5 and icloud had indeed been presented in June at the WWDC. Even more difficult then not just as an iPhone 4S and a demo for minutes of the new camera by Phil Schiller. Apple will have played the card rather than the result of innovation with the iPhone 4S otherwise technically at the level of competition, but now the screen is too small for some. Remains that Apple now has a true range (49 to 399 U.S. dollars) keeping its 3G and 4 in the catalog, what get Android on his land. Tim Cook repeated the strategy of 3G with a few months late, perhaps now better kill the iPod with the conference fell to the same period and which now is given a small part of the iPhone keynote. The strategy reasonably good father to Apple is it the right to maintain its margins and market share? Response in future financial performance of the company.