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Friday 27 June 2014

Apple slashes price of iPod

Apple offers a cheap iPod Touch with 16GB memory with a 5 megapixel main camera. Though the main model price is not unchanged with 200 Euros but the other models with higher memory are cheaper.

In addition to the hardware addition to the favorable 16GB, they have released other models with 32GB and 64 GB with reduction in price. Thus Apple tries to control the market with the best iPod touch in the market.

The iPod touch with 16 GB of memory has only one camera in the front which is quiet helpful for the video chat which could be used with the FaceTime. But in the higher models a camera on the back is available for photos and videos.

This comfort is lacked in the smaller model. The previous version of the iPod model without the camera was taken away from the online stores.

The 5 mega pixel camera can also record video in full HD resolution. Though the hardware change has taken place there is no change in price and it is fixed in the previous rate only.

But at the same time Apple has reduce the prices of the iPod touch models with higher memory more particularly for 32 and 64 GB.

The 32 GB models costs 250 Euros and it was sold at the price of 300 Euros and the 64 GB iPod’s price is reduced to 300 Euros from 400 Euros.

Both models come with two cameras with hardware update and both of them will be available in the market soon.

Monday 9 January 2012

A pill to boost the sound of the iPod Nano

Singapore manufacturer Gavio presented one of his last creations: a dock for iPod Nano, capsule-shaped giant. Its name: The Pill, simply. The player is placed in the middle of the pill. The touch screen is accessible even if the docking station already has the buttons to control music. The speakers are located at the ends. The Pill is more portable since its size is only 14.7 x 4.8 cm. According to the designer, The Pill is able to amplify the sound of the iPod.

Thursday 22 December 2011

How to Use Your iPad to Control Your Finances

Guest Post Written By :  Eva k
The iPad is a very popular gadget for a number of reasons. It's a flexible device that lends itself to a number of functions and is useful in a range of situations, due mostly to the wide variety of apps that are available for download. Many of these deal with financial control or organisation, so it's no surprise that you can now use your iPad to manage your money and ensure your finances aren't spiralling beyond your control.

For a start, many high street banks have apps that make online banking easier. You simply download the app and then, at your leisure, log in securely to access your banking details. From there, you'll be able to see what's going into and out of your account and view your balance. This is extremely useful as a first step towards financial control.

Beyond simply monitoring your finances, you can use your iPad to actively keep track of upcoming expenditures. Examples include bills and other regular outgoings that are relatively simple enough to keep on top of, but can be a headache if you lose track of them. Bills On Your Table is one app that allows you to track bills and the dates on which they are due. The app lets you organise the bills by category and use your calendar to get things arranged into a schedule. The app also lines up your more pressing bills by arranging them in a timeframe.

If your finances feel as though they're in complete disarray, creating a spreadsheet on your iPad should allow you to exercise more control and get things back in order. The Spreadsheet app enables you to put together, as the name suggests, a number of spreadsheets. These, when created on your iPad, are little different to ones made in Excel on a free laptop and if you're familiar with these you shouldn't find it too hard to get things organised. These spreadsheets are useful when it comes to crafting budgets or working out exactly what expenses you can claim, since they enable mathematical calculations to be performed quickly.

Even small transactions can be managed using the iPad. For example, there is the iHandy Tip Calculator, which aims to save you the hassle and time of manually working out how much you should tip in restaurants or after a cab ride. Simply get out the iPad, load up the app and enter the relevant values. You'll soon have the correct amount to tip at hand.

The iPad is also useful if you're interested in making financial investments. For a start, you can use the iPad's internet access to receive the latest news on stock markets and on the value of your investments. The iPad enables easy access to news websites and feeds, so the latest information is never far away. The StockWatch app gives you a simple way to follow the state of stocks and investigate how mutual funds and bonds are doing. This information is presented in a number of ways, including charts and access to news services, that can then be shared across to other devices.

The iPad's greatest strengths lie in its versatility. When it comes to financial control, this flexibility extends from managing your monthly outgoings and bills all the way to tracking the investments you've made. In this way, it's similar to a free laptop: what you can do with it in terms of financial organisation is almost unlimited.

About the Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Eva k. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to free laptop technology, mobile applications, etc.

Friday 9 December 2011

Apple: 15 extraordinary patents - I

In 2010, Apple has filed 563 patent which allows it to integrate the top 50 companies in terms of patents worldwide. If the Cupertino company is far behind IBM (1), Samsung (2nd) and Microsoft (third), they are often strong and original concepts that are filed with the U.S. office dedicated to this activity. Available on request, these patents relate to some of the products already on the market (iPhone that recharges itself), others likely to come (MacBook solar charging) and finally certain that we will see if ever (the kitchen remote controlled). Here is a selection of 15 Apple patents the most extraordinary and most promising.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Private copying: the figures revealed in the open debate on new legislation

While the new law on private copying levy was discussed 24th of this month in the National Assembly, the numbers of uses of the French in the field have been published for the first time.

The right to private copying is perfectly legal to use to duplicate a work (music or video) in his home. Example: You buy a CD you encode to transfer to your smartphone. This right has existed since 1985 as the fee supposed to support the creation and compensate the rights holders.

So far no estimate of the number of copied songs and videos had been made public.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Apple TV: 8 reasons to believe (or not) - 1

The Apple TV is a persistent rumor for years. More persistent in recent months has led to all kinds of analysis, consulting firmsand experts in TV. However, Apple has never given the slightestclue as to the possibility for the Apple brand to get into an area that is unknown. The Cupertino company may it bring new life to a market that tends to stagnate? Is there still something to be invented on the side of our beloved TV? On the one hand many points suggest that Apple TV could land in the coming months. On the other,heavy arguments work against such a novelty. Here are four for and four against evaluating the possibility of a launch of AppleTV.

Monday 10 October 2011

The Visionary

Steve Jobs has always shown a real talent to feel the trends. In the late 70's, when Steve Wozniak is passionate about the technical side of its prototype personal computer, Steve Jobs immediately see the benefits for the user. He also urged the public interest for computers and design. In 1977, the new Apple II breaks with all that exists at the time, combining technical performance and sleek plastic case.

Thursday 6 October 2011

iPhone 4S: Chronicle of a missed opportunity

Yesterday Tim Cook has disappointed many by announcing an iPhone 4S instead of version 5 that everyone was waiting at a halt. If the phone itself is far from being technically ridiculous, he sins by design identical to the old and the size of its screen. A disappointment that has crystallized the expectations many sectors to Apple. That adheres to his philosophy or not, Apple is one of the companies that have profoundly affected the technology sector over the past decade. The wait is always important when the company presents one of its new products. Around the new iPhone was even more than usual.

This is due to two main reasons. Great expectation then disappointment They make fun of the iPhone already 5On mocks the iPhone already 5C'est first the first time that Apple expects October to unveil its updated in telephony. It was the summer before the company presented the evolution of its iPhone, it was settled in 2007 as a music paper. This additional time observers implied that Apple had struck a little more time to refine a new model really different from the old. On the other hand, in fifteen months of existence has seen the iPhone 4 sharpened competition seriously. The battalion has earned the Android phones cruppers in market share of the iPhone. The operating system of Google, for example now climbs to first place smartphone in France. With a market share of 28.5% (against 26.4% for IOS), it has experienced a rapid acceleration of its adoption (in January 2010 it accounted for only 3% of smartphones in France). Shipping Android phones are often cheap (which explains the rapid deployment), but some flagships like Samsung Galaxy S II and an impressive 4.3 inch screen mark the minds on the high end. Some of the "fanboys" the strongest so Apple waited to see an iPhone landing five big screen with a new look even thinner. Do not see land as a 4S iPhone at the sight of these two factors has led to very strong reactions to hot at the time of the announcement.

ABC shows including a report by a show still very successful voice recognition system. A strategy of reason rather than innovation Firefight delicate Tim Cook Baptême fire delicate Tim cook the keynote yesterday was indeed rather long (almost 1 h 40) and its first 50 minutes were largely assigned to the information that we already knew. IOS 5 and icloud had indeed been presented in June at the WWDC. Even more difficult then not just as an iPhone 4S and a demo for minutes of the new camera by Phil Schiller. Apple will have played the card rather than the result of innovation with the iPhone 4S otherwise technically at the level of competition, but now the screen is too small for some. Remains that Apple now has a true range (49 to 399 U.S. dollars) keeping its 3G and 4 in the catalog, what get Android on his land. Tim Cook repeated the strategy of 3G with a few months late, perhaps now better kill the iPod with the conference fell to the same period and which now is given a small part of the iPhone keynote. The strategy reasonably good father to Apple is it the right to maintain its margins and market share? Response in future financial performance of the company.

Thursday 14 July 2011

The Mini, a bag that recharges the iPad from the sun

Smartphones, tablets or portable, high-tech gadgets to current successes have in common: a battery that is weak. For the tablet stamped Apple, the case is "in the bag" with Mini L. The Mini is, as it were a bag to recharge the iPad at any time when it is not used. The Mini is a solar bag specially designed to load the slate of the brand to the bitten apple. Compatible with the iPad iPad and 2, this accessory will be of great use to the major users of these two tablets. It was manufactured by the Swiss company Element5.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Mini Fling, joysticks for iPhone and iPod touch

Looking for an accessory worthy of a true gamer to enjoy as it should be games on iPhone or iPod Touch? The joysick Fling Mini could be the solution. Earlier this year, Ten One Design has presented at the 2011 CES show an accessory called Fling. It be a joystick designed for games on iPad. In recent days, the group returned to the attack with a version for the smartphone and touchscreen Walkman branded Apple. This version for iPhone and iPod Touch is aptly named Mini Fling. In fact, it is also suitable for other smartphones touch. Mini Fling is formed by a pair of joysticks small that bind to the mobile phone screen with suction cups. Fling Mini is currently available for pre-order, priced at $ 25 for the pair, or 18 euros.