Thursday 14 July 2011

The Mini, a bag that recharges the iPad from the sun

Smartphones, tablets or portable, high-tech gadgets to current successes have in common: a battery that is weak. For the tablet stamped Apple, the case is "in the bag" with Mini L. The Mini is, as it were a bag to recharge the iPad at any time when it is not used. The Mini is a solar bag specially designed to load the slate of the brand to the bitten apple. Compatible with the iPad iPad and 2, this accessory will be of great use to the major users of these two tablets. It was manufactured by the Swiss company Element5.
Solar bags are not new, however, Element5 made ​​some innovations making an L Mini Solar Charger more efficient. Indeed, the bag is equipped with solar panels and battery BluCell Revolutionary Battery-eMicro.

Not only useful to protect the iPad of bumps and scratches and convenient to transport across shelf, this bag provides backup power for infinite shelf. Count 348 Swiss francs, or 290 euros.

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