Saturday, 2 July 2011

Google+ fixes a security hole first

Just launched, Google+ has already met its first technical problems. The social network of the U.S. firm, which aims head on Face book and its 700 million users, is the victim of a security breach which was immediately corrected. This was the feature "re share", which can share its publications over the posted by one of his contacts. This allowed the "republication" of information disseminated through an account yet protected.

Google was quick to correct this fault, heralding a correction Saturday 1 July. Matt Waddell, an employee of American society, explains: "When you try to share a publication with limited access, we will send you a note to remind you to be careful about the spread of it. You cannot post publicly restricted posts ". As a reminder, the author of a post may choose to disable the sharing feature to prevent it being accessed by other users.

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