Monday, 4 July 2011

The future TGV will not stop at the station

Despite the evolution of high-speed trains, modern man is still not satisfied with their service. To save even more time with the TGV, made by a designer's concept Moving Platforms. This concept was envisioned by the designer Paul Priestman of the British group Priestmangoode. The designer believes that we "try to use a service of the 21st century with 19th century infrastructure". To revolutionize the high-speed rail, Paul Priestman suggests a system in which high-speed trains no longer stop at the station.

The stations will be replaced by mobile platforms that look like a wagon. These mobile stations will then stick to the TGV at full speed and accommodate passengers who have to change trains. They will then be transported to another train in the same way they came out the previous one. The purpose of the concept is to eliminate lost time at the station. The futuristic project will not be coming soon on this. Should rearrange all the infrastructure, before the project is feasible.

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