Thursday, 14 July 2011

The iPhone 5

What could we put together the Cupertino company for its future smartphones. After the launch of the iPhone 4, inspired designers already share their vision of the iPhone 5. Demonstrated this concept signed Antoine Brieux.. The French designer NAK Studio, passionate smartphones, unveils its concept iPhone 5G. The smartphone has a smooth, shiny shell obtained by anodization of aluminum.
The first innovation that stands out is the declination of the smartphone in several colors. In addition to the traditional black and white that are more recent discrete while being elegant, bright colors and flashy are available. Blue, green, purple and yellow are the new colors. The 3.5 mm jack changes place and is now above the LED display screen. The iPhone 5G seems thinner than its predecessor.

Only time and a certain Steve Jobs will tell us if the next iPhone will approach the concept. Nor is it clear whether the iPhone will take the load 5 by induction, often approached for a possible iPhone 6.

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