Thursday, 14 July 2011

iPhone: the first antivirus available on the AppStore

Apple products are known to suffer fewer attacks than other OS. Yet in recent months, many flaws were uncovered, most often used to allow the terminals iOS jailbreak. A publisher has ever since the first virus for iPhone available on the AppStore.

€ 2.39 for one year

VirusBarrier can scan attachments hosted on the phone. To do this we must start the application to analyze the contents of the iPhone or the content on remote services like MobileMe or DropBox. The application relates more particularly to spyware, trojans, adware or keyloggers on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Javascript, PDF, HTML,. Exe,. Dll, etc..

VirusBarrier is priced at 2.39 euros containing an updated database of virus for a year.

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  1. hi can iget for my htc smart which supports brew OS pls reply


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