Saturday 2 July 2011

Head-Lock, a Helmet that Protects the Rider and Bike

What's more practical than a motorized bicycle to avoid traffic jams without much fatigue? If the bikes have evolved, their accessories shall do the same. The problem for those who choose the bike is that it is carrying around a helmet and a lock security everywhere. A group of four designers propose to do with their simple concept called Head-Lock. Head-Lock is a device that combines the helmet and the safety lock in a single accessory.

 Indeed, this creation is as ordinary headphones, except it has a sliding part that once unlocked, a sphere shape with the base of the helmet. The sphere thus formed has two openings through which one must place the wheel of the bicycle. Once done, users simply enter a four-digit combination to lock the helmet, so the bike. Lim Seokjoong, Younghye Kim, Kwon Zion, and Na Hyesook are the authors of Head-Lock.

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