Sunday 3 July 2011

EADS Voltaire, A Electric Aircraft of Tomorrow

Like most forms of transport, the flying machines will also be green in a few years. The concept is illustrated by Voltaire. Voltaire is a conceptual plane ECO2avia created for the project, launched by EADS. This is a 100% electric plane. The area in which Voltaire is used is not yet known but one thing is certain, it is not a business model and it does not carry passengers. The aircraft is equipped with two lithium polymer modified, each supplying a powerful engine.

 Both motors rotate two coaxial propellers at the rear of the machine. Voltaire is made of carbon fiber to charge a low weight relative to its size and aerodynamics were carefully studied so that it can glide easily and gracefully. Voltaire also uses high-temperature superconducting materials for its wiring to avoid loss of electricity. Silent and without any CO2 emissions, its designers hope to think the realization of the concept Voltaire in twenty years.

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