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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Apple to launch its own reality TV show

Planet Apps

Apple Launching its Reality TV Show

Apple is in the development of launching its own reality TV show – Planet of the Apps and a casting call for the event had been put out recently for developers in the age of 18 and above who would be interested in making smartphone apps for the Apple setting. Apple had made an announcement earlier in the year that it intends launching it first original TV series and now the world seems to know a little more regarding what it would look like.

The show is said to be co-produced by a newly shaped company owned by Ben Silverman, a reality TV guru. Apple had partnered with Propagate, a new production company developed by the guy behind `The Biggest Loser’ together with Howard T Owen who had worked on MasterChef Junior with Musician also on board for the said project.

Mr Silverman had informed that the original program would follow on `how apps are developed and created and incubated’. The pair had drawn their vision for the show, in a report that had been published by tech blog 9to5Mac. It stated that `Planet of the Apps will give app creators the chance to break through and share their ideas with the world. This is an exciting format which taps into what is driving culture today. We can’t wait to see the ground-breaking ideas accepted for the show, grow into viable businesses’.

Pursing an Original Content Division

The ascension of Netflix together with the fragmented market of content providers laid by internet based services has been on the rise in companies interested in producing their own original content. When Apple had stated earlier in the year that it intended creating the TV show, the software and service boss of the company, Eddy Cue had mentioned that Apple was not moving wholesale in the production of innovative content.

 He had informed the New York Times in March that this does not mean that they would go into a huge amount of movie production or TV production or anything like that. But last year, rumours have been doing the rounds that Apple has been discovering the notion of pursuing an original content division and had been in talks with various leading television companies regarding launching an internet-based TV service.

Planet of the App – Accepting Online Applications

There is a possibility that the achievement of the forthcoming show would regulate the extent of the potential venture into original content of Apple. Casting call for the show `Planet of the App’ would be accepting online applications till August 26 together with filming set to take place somewhere next year. As per the show’s website, contestants would be receiving `hand-on guidance from some of the most influential experts in the tech community, featured placement on the App store.

The winners probably will get mentorship from tech and entertainment experts and those who would be chosen for the final round would get an opportunity to meet with top-tier VCs investing around $10m over the course of the season. The show is said to be shot in Los Angeles and is planned to be released in 2017.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

iPad Retina mini and Apple TV in 2013?

    According to Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, the Roadmap of Apple for 2013 will be punctuated by four major product announcements in March, June, September and November which will include the arrival of a mini iPad Retina of 7 iOS, iPhone 5S and especially the famous Apple TV set at 2000 dollars. This prediction was delivered by him very recently. According to him the coming year will be probably be less dense product announcements from apple. But Apple will lay a strong ground work for forth coming years. He guess iPhone will be available for 200$ in the recent years.

       He hopes Apple will eventually need to accelerate the schedule of updating iPhone because of the frequency of launching Android handsets, Eventually Apple need to accelerate the cycle of updating its product twice the year. Munster predicts in March 2013 mini iPad Retina will be launched and after the June month Worldwide Developers Conference you may expect iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. 7. In September you may expect 2013 iPhone 5S with swifter processor, best camera sensor and enough memory back up. A real big announcement can be heard in the month of November 2013, The launch of Apple TV with sizes 42 to 55 inches for the price ranging from 1500 to 2000$ in elegant design with the a facility to use the TV as the main interface on multiple devices which will integrate Siri and Face time.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Apple complement its product range

Smartphone, Tablet, Apple TV (the box), computer, MP3 player ... In a world where all the facilities tend to communicate with each other, television is probably the missing link to Apple. So far, the Apple brand did not want to risk it. However, if a product is present in every home, this is it. Sony has fully understood and continues to be a reference in this field. In fact one of the constructor arguments to present his tablet (the Sony S) is its ability to become remote.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Apple TV: 8 reasons to believe (or not) - 1

The Apple TV is a persistent rumor for years. More persistent in recent months has led to all kinds of analysis, consulting firmsand experts in TV. However, Apple has never given the slightestclue as to the possibility for the Apple brand to get into an area that is unknown. The Cupertino company may it bring new life to a market that tends to stagnate? Is there still something to be invented on the side of our beloved TV? On the one hand many points suggest that Apple TV could land in the coming months. On the other,heavy arguments work against such a novelty. Here are four for and four against evaluating the possibility of a launch of AppleTV.