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Monday, 18 June 2012

TweetGif hacked, 10,000 Twitter accounts released by Anonymous

Members of the collective Anonymous have attacked TweetGif service, which allows sharing on the microblogging site animated Gif. By exploiting a security flaw SQL, Anonymous has once again delivered a show of force by accessing the database of the site, collecting no fewer than 10,000 Twitter accounts. Announced on behalf of the group of hackers, the attack took place on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Anonymous attack

Anonymous declares war on an internal group whose actions would be more faithful to the beliefs of the hackers group. Anonymous seems to have more than enough of a few renegades who use his name to initiate actions that the group does not endorse. The attack on Facebook these days, and claimed by some people claiming to belong to Anonymous seems to have been too much for the scope of the group, who decided to respond.

It's a smaller group, claiming to Anonymous and named "AnonOps," which is the center of the controversy. AnonOps is accused of being "gone to the dark side" and being "blind with power who treat newcomers with contempt and arrogance instead of fighting corruption and censorship on the Internet," says Anonymous.