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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Toshiba brings Android 4.3 Update for Excite Pro and Excite Write!

Excite Pro
Toshiba has released an update to Android 4.3 for the Android tablet Excite Pro and Excite Write. In addition to the new Android functions are improvements of the camera, and the ability to transmit screen content wirelessly. For Android Tablets Excite Pro and Excite write updates have been released. As the manufacturer Toshiba has announced that they bring the next Android version 4.3 with some other improvements.

So far, the two tablets were shipped with Android 4.2. The manufacturer brings up new features like video stabilization mode and many others. These determined by a sensor and eliminate unintentional movements during recording, via a comparison of the following successive frames are then compensated for. So also rolling shutter effects which are to be avoided.

With the update, users of the two tablets can also transfer screen contents via wireless display on other screens in the network. These include films, videos and photos. With two tablets users are thanks to wireless display also can play on an external display against each other together. In addition, can also be used in Landscape mode Toshiba notebook tool Trunote and the camera scanning software Trucapture now.

Toshiba has unveiled the Excite Pro and Excite Write in June 2013. Both tablets have 10 -inch displays with a high resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. Inside Tegra 4 processors operate at clock speeds of 1.8 GHz. The models Excite Pro and Excite Write differ in that the Excite Write additionally comes with a digitizer pen for handwritten input.

Moreover, the optional Bluetooth keyboard of Excite Pro comes at Excite Write for delivery. The Excite Pro is available currently from 360 Euros in the best Wi-Fi version with 16 GB. The Excite write cost in the cheapest version with Wi-Fi and 32 GB of memory just above 530 EUR.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Toshiba unveils Qosmio X75 Gaming Laptop

After ASUS and MSI, it was the turn of Toshiba unveiled its notebook for gamers; the Qosmio X75. Like its competitors, this is a machine incorporating a fourth-generation Core processor (Haswell) along with a GeForce GTX 770M with 3GB GDDR5. While many Haswell Ultrabook equipped with Intel processors is expected, builders seem to favor this time the PC players with a muscular CPU. Indeed, ASUS and MSI whose first configurations are already available here and that Toshiba unveil its Qosmio X75. As for Taiwanese brands is logically a system whose diagonal screen is 17.3 inches. For cons, the first bad news: the Full HD is brilliant hence so the reflections will be present. The chassis has, apparently, been refined over the previous generation (Qosmio X870), but color aside, we still have the right to black with a prominent red line on the edge and a few reminders here and there around the wide touchpad. The audio has been reworked and it has four speakers. Configuration side, it is based on a fourth-generation Core i7 quad-core (Haswell) and a GeForce GTX 770M with 3GB GDDR5. The RAM is not yet detailed, but the maximum is 32 GB via four locations. The game consists of two storage bays and may include up to two hard drives of 750 GB at 7200 rpm, but also a mix between a hard drive and an SSD. Connectivity, there are four USB 3.0 ports, a pair of HDMI 1.4a and VGA outputs, a Gigabit LAN port, an SDHC card reader, and a pair of jacks 3.5 mm. Of course, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth are meant for the game. For now, Toshiba does not indicate the size and weight of the machine. In the United States, the price of this product is $ 1500.

Monday, 11 June 2012

ApriPetit: a robot from Toshiba to monitor home

It is well known that the Japanese are crazy about robots. The latest is called ApriPetit and he comes from research labs of Toshiba, the country of the Rising Sun. This robot small dimensions (150 mm x 100 mm x 105 mm) has two eyes can follow a subject's eyes and recognize a face.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Toshiba SD card which acts as WiFi spot

There are already shipping SD WiFi technology to recover the contents of your camera without having to connect to a computer. Toshiba shifts into high gear since the manufacturer has presented at CES, a memory card can be transformed into a true WiFi spot. Of course, the idea is not to be used as a modem but to watch its users nearby.