Friday 11 October 2013

Best cloud based apps

Here in this post, you can get the list of best apps that are based on the cloud storage platform; these are also used for blogging purposes. These apps are really awesome and they are pretty good; these are used for backup processes. They act as a well build platform for storing the data. As a blogger you cannot go for a longer distance without using these kinds of storage platforms. The various storage platforms are as follows:


Dropbox is one of the leading blogging platforms which is used for storing the data fir bloggers. The Dropbox are the best storage for your blog backup and due to its protocol structure, the Dropbox is still a leading Cloud Storage Platform for the users.  Dropbox allows the users to work faster than any cloud storage devices that are available over the internet. You can upload and download the files faster and both functions are working very different manner. Dropbox is owned by the Amazon network and if you were uploading something in the Dropbox, then your data is encrypted by using their dedicated algorithms. Then your data is stored in the Simple Storage Service (commonly called as S3). The servers are located all over the globe and this allows you to recover your data when your data gets lost. Dropbox is a leading services provided by the Amazon Services; Dropbox is better than Amazon Cloud Services but the Amazon servers are used for the Dropbox. When you were downloading some files, your files are getting downloaded by accessing the data from various servers and your downloading speed will be higher while comparing to other services.

The Evernote:

Evernote is a cloud API which is used to store your datas, memos and other information over the internet. If you were using these Evernote services, then definitely you will not use any other services. In Evernote, you can find lots of articles and notes in your account. Evernote has a cloud API which enables you to store your content over the internet. As a blogger, you can use Evernote services for storing lots of services; Evernote enables you to store lots of information regarding your blogging career.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the best and fast cloud storage which is owned by Google Corporation. Google Drive can be used along with the Google tools which improve the efficiency for the users. You can use Google Drive for your blogger account; this helps the bloggers to use lots of functions in their blogs. Google Drive also enables you to store your content/ blog post over the internet and you can easily implement them into your blog.
Therefore various tools are used for these cloud services; as a blogger you should use these services to improve your blogging strategies.

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