Thursday 17 October 2013

Update for the HTC One soon!

HTC One Max
Top Smartphone HTC One should receive the update to Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 later this month. This provides many new features. The new HTC One Max already comes with the update in to the market soon.

HTC brings shortly after the announcement of its new Smartphones HTC One Giant Max the current Android version 4.3 and the new version of Sense also own user area on the HTC one. The update will be distributed in late October, 2013, according to the sources.

Thus, users of the HTC One can use the improved multi-user feature of Android 4.3. Also supports the latest version of OpenGL ES 3.0. Equipping its Smartphones with HTC’s own Sense interface HTC one will strongly hold its foot in the market of Smartphone technology.

Among the new features; in version 5.5 include an improved flash - feed feature. Flashing Feed shows the user the latest news on the home screen and status messages from Facebook and Twitter posts. Now, users can also integrate Instagram and Google Plus notifications in the stream. And he can also download up to 120 messages in order to be able to read it in offline mode.

Flashing Feed can be switched off completely in the new version of Sense. So far only given by Blink feed news sources could be involved in the ticker. With the sense - update, it is now also possible to users to integrate their own RSS feed sources in flash. In the video highlights; users can now choose their own music and determine the selection of the images better.

The function cuts out photos and video highlights a short video clip. So far, the music selection was limited to some of HTC built-in songs. HTC Sense 5.5 shown with the launch of the new HTC One Max for the first time. The 5.9 - inch Smartphone comes with almost identical hardware as the HTC one, but has not yet installed on the back of a fingerprint scanner. So even if the phone is unlocked and up to three different functions are controlled with different fingerprints.

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