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Saturday, 26 March 2016

HTC One M10 is Coming April 12

HTC One M10

HTC’s Flagship Smartphone – HTC 10

HTC has begun sending media invitation for an event to be held on April 12 wherein the company is widely expected to expose its next flagship smartphone which is believed to be known as HTC 10. The announcement of the Taiwanese company informed that it would have simultaneous events in New York, London as well as Taipei.

The invitation moreover confirms that the launch event would be live streamed on April 12, on the company’s website. The company has requested users to log on to its website on April 12, 8 am New York Times, 1 pm London time and 8 pm Taipei time.The website also mentions that they admit it, they are obsessed … but in a good way’ and tends to have a hastag `#powerof10’.

The company will be unveiling the `power of 10 and in this case, 10 will be playing into the phone’s name which follows 2015’s HTC One M9 and M8 as well as the original HTC One. The announcement tends to come about a month late this year if one has been following the pattern of HTC for unveiling its headliner phone at the Mobile World Congress show in late February.

New Phone with Home Button/Edges

This delay to the phone watchers has been a sign of the struggle of HTC in stopping the bleed after years of steep market share drop-off together with poor sales. Some of the details of the HTC 10 revealed with a render published earlier in the month portrayed a new phone with a home button together with big edges.

The HTC 10 is said to have a 5.15-inch display together with Snapdragon 820 processor and would sit among the top-tier of Android phone. But the question propped up to HTC is what will make the 10 stand out from home runs like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

HTC has mentioned that it would be introducing its phone at the time of the online event and there would not be an in person component, though it may sound like anyone who would be interested, will be capable of tuning in. The announcement would be streamed at 8 am ET on their website. Besides a 5.15-inch Super LCD 5 display with QHD resolution, the handset would also be packed with a 3000mAh battery which if true would be the largest battery in HTC’s flagship in the HTC phones till date.

Smartphone – Compelling Camera Experience

Some other specifications rumoured regarding the HTC 10 state an Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel rear camera and a USB Type-C port besides a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Some of the images leaked regarding the unannounced handset recommend that it would sport metal build with broad chamfered edges and a physical home button below the display together with two capacitive buttons.

In an attempt to develop around its forthcoming flagship, HTC has claimed that HTC 10 will sport `World First, World Class’ front and back cameras. Chialin Chang, HTC CFO, had stated that the smartphone is expected to have a very compelling camera experience. According to the rumours, the HTC 10 is said to come in four colours of black and white, white, gold and black.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

HTC One [Verizon] Review

It has been reviewed once,again we have reviewed it again and it’s twice –and HTC One is finally available on Verizon. After waiting for months, the flagship of HTC for 2013 is available for purchase on their huge network and what a time to launch, so many people who had purchased Galaxy Nexus two years ago are due for an upgrade in the coming few months.

This is not the full review, we have did that twice already. These are just simply some thoughts that stood on Verizon.

Is it worth with for your upgrade?

The Good


The hardware and feel of it is the main part which has been set it in a different category from among variousflagships 2013. The feel of body which is aluminum, whenyou pick it up is just awesome. Tothe back of the device there is a slight curve, the edges of the phone are in an inwards angle so holding it feels solid. You can just get an idea how it feels to use it. It boastsa 4.7 inch 1080p display, a powerful Snapdragon 600 processor which is clocked at 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM, Sense 5 user interface and Android 4.2.2, a unique 4MP Ultra Pixel camera, 2300mAh battery and weighs about 143 grams.

Battery Life

The battery will easily last for 12+ hours every day. At first I did monitor my use to try and reduce the power drain, but by the end of my test, I had worked hard to use it enough and tried drain the battery. It is a good news for anyone who worries about the phone’s battery.

Boom Sound

It is not a marketing trick, people. Its dual front speakers on this device is a natural wonder of the technology world that you have to experience it for yourself. Viewing any media on it is better than any Android devices present. The sound is not only loud, it is clear as well. They have used the Beats Audio speakers which makes the story here. The phone with half volume made it feel louder whenever I received a text message (well that is a good thing).


Most of the people have given creditsto Motorola to end the war by the launch of the Moto X this fall, but the HTC’s Ultra Pixelcamera deserves a nod too. It is not the best present out there, but it gets the job done with day to day situations and you will find it for yourself,could had a better dedicated camera. If you try to look close enough, you can find that sometimes it brings in too much light or noise. The camera is not that bad.

Blink Feed

It is the best part of Sense which I actually enjoyed using. Once you add social networks to it, the page can be pretty useful to get updates that you can see through. If HTC makesBlink Feed your permanent home screen I would be pretty upset, but the fact is that you can switch it to a secondary home page which is less annoying.

The Not So Good

Power Button

Everything is pretty much good about this phone, but the power button that has been chosen by HTC drives me crazy. At first when I had the phone, I could not figure how to turn the screen off. The small black button at the top left is so barely visible. Having the power button just a bit more visible would have been great idea.
Capacitive Button Layout

I already knew about the HTC’s weird design having a back button and a home button. I never thought that it would cause much pain. Don’t take it for granted the 3-button layout that theAndroid has grown into the past few years unless someone takes it. By double tapping the screen never took me to home screen but it always showed the recent apps screen. I even also tried switching the layouts, but whenever I pulled the notification drawer present at the bottom of the screen, I would activate Google Now which has the same gesture.

Connection Issues

From the G-Nex which takes about half a day to turn off the 4G and 3G radios, the One was likea dream. For some reason when I switched from 4G to Wi-Fi and vice versa, I would be left with no data for a solid of 5 to 10 minutes. It is not the biggest problem in the world, but it is still noticeable.


If you are up to upgrade from the aging Galaxy Nexus or other older device, the HTC One is an awesome choice. The sales numbers of HTC might not reflect it, but they have put out one of the best smartphones of 2013. The HTC One’s camera is one of the few weak points.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Update for the HTC One soon!

HTC One Max
Top Smartphone HTC One should receive the update to Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 later this month. This provides many new features. The new HTC One Max already comes with the update in to the market soon.

HTC brings shortly after the announcement of its new Smartphones HTC One Giant Max the current Android version 4.3 and the new version of Sense also own user area on the HTC one. The update will be distributed in late October, 2013, according to the sources.

Thus, users of the HTC One can use the improved multi-user feature of Android 4.3. Also supports the latest version of OpenGL ES 3.0. Equipping its Smartphones with HTC’s own Sense interface HTC one will strongly hold its foot in the market of Smartphone technology.

Among the new features; in version 5.5 include an improved flash - feed feature. Flashing Feed shows the user the latest news on the home screen and status messages from Facebook and Twitter posts. Now, users can also integrate Instagram and Google Plus notifications in the stream. And he can also download up to 120 messages in order to be able to read it in offline mode.

Flashing Feed can be switched off completely in the new version of Sense. So far only given by Blink feed news sources could be involved in the ticker. With the sense - update, it is now also possible to users to integrate their own RSS feed sources in flash. In the video highlights; users can now choose their own music and determine the selection of the images better.

The function cuts out photos and video highlights a short video clip. So far, the music selection was limited to some of HTC built-in songs. HTC Sense 5.5 shown with the launch of the new HTC One Max for the first time. The 5.9 - inch Smartphone comes with almost identical hardware as the HTC one, but has not yet installed on the back of a fingerprint scanner. So even if the phone is unlocked and up to three different functions are controlled with different fingerprints.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

HTC wants to boost its range with One

After a successful year 2010, HTC has struggled in 2011 against the side of Samsung Android devices. The Taiwanese manufacturer wants to revive in 2012 thanks to its new line HTC One. 

All these devices will run Android 4.0, good news for users. It's not all because the overlay Sense now in version 4 for an enhanced photo interface and new options in the car.