Thursday 17 October 2013

Microsoft promises faster certification for Windows 8.1 applications

Windows certification
Microsoft promises faster certification for Windows 8.1 applications. The Windows Store will continue to host the Windows 8 applications.

Next week, Microsoft began marketing and public dissemination of Windows 8.1. This launch will be accompanied by a new Windows Store to allow such users to more easily find applications. Bing will play a role at this level since the Redmond states that recommendation Bing engine will be added to make suggestions on applications and games based on previous installations, from the community and other criteria.

 Windows – Store support developers, Microsoft also promises a faster process for their applications to certify and undertakes that it shall not exceed five days to get the approval. It will be “a day or two for many applications submitted for Windows 8.1”.

Microsoft encourages the rest of the developers to take advantage of new features in Windows 8.1 which updates the applications are automatically available to users as well as new offerings in the application. A Windows Store, which will also support vouchers. However, the Windows Store will continue to offer apps for Windows 8 and they run on Windows 8.1.

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