Wednesday 9 October 2013

HTC to bring Smartphone with Dual Boot Android and Windows!

HTC is currently considering the development of a Smartphone with dual-boot option. Buyers are supposed to use it with either Google's Android or Microsoft's Windows Phone. HTC' is committed to ensuring that Smartphones either run with Windows Phone or Android. Maybe, HTC is bringing a Smartphone with a dual-boot option on the market soon. This would then allow the user to choose whether he runs the Smartphone with Android or Windows Phone.

 Such plans have been tested internally at HTC, reports online sources. In particular, the development costs had been taken for a look. Still, there have been no such devices appeared. Windows Phone Smartphones do not want to bring to the market HTC. The mid- May 2013 was already known even before Microsoft announced the planned acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division.

This intention Bloomberg was again confirmed, that HTC Smartphones are probably not to be expected only with Windows Phone. Microsoft has negotiated last month with HTC and wanted to make the manufacturer the use of Windows Phone tasty. Among other things, it was considered to offer Windows Phone as an option for HTC's Android Smartphones. In addition to a dual-boot option, the possibility arose as to the user to make the choice of which operating system they prefer. HTC would have had to pay no or lower license fees for Windows Phone. Nor has this been no final decision and it remains unclear whether Microsoft will follow HTC desire.

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