Friday 11 October 2013

Best Apps To Help You Stay Connected After College

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Graduation is a sad time, signifying that you are parting ways with all of your friends and starting a new life. With today's technology, however, you don't have to say goodbye to your college friends forever. Check out these apps that can help you stay connected after college.


SnapChat is a simple messaging app that allows you to send photos quickly, with the option to add text or draw on the photo for a personal touch. These photos are private and only last up to 10 seconds depending on how long you set the message to last. Even though the app deletes these messages quickly, people still send over 50 million snaps per day according to Snapchat. This popular app delivers an easy way to share quick updates and silly photos without wasting time on phone calls.


Share the same type of silliness and life updates with your friends on Vine, but give them something to hold onto. With Vine, you can create 15 second videos and send them to your friends. Make your college classmates laugh by acting out an inside joke, or send a recording of important life updates, such as stepping into your first home or holding your first child.


Stay connected with all your college friends at once on your smartphone with the GroupMe app. This app allows you to enter into a group texting session so that everyone becomes involved in the conversation while on-the-go. Send photos, share your location, like messages and even send group texts to people who don't have the app so that they're never left out. Keep the whole group together and updated with this simple app, available on all devices.


Messaging your friends just became a lot easier. With LiveProfile, friends can chat, share both photos and videos, and send emoticons instantly. Not only does it give users an alternative to texting, but users can also set up their own profiles, making it simple to share updates and stay connected. Encourage your friends to download the app so that you can connect with their profiles.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android  

BlackBerry has branched out to the Android platform! Just like on the BlackBerryQ10, users can now stay connected with their friends with BBM for Android. You can choose an animated avatar, customize chat bubble colors, and more. You can share photos, videos, and all of your documents up to 6MB, which should be the perfect limit for sending work related items.


When we talk about keeping up with old friends, we can't leave the popular social networking sites, but keeping up with all your friends and all your social profiles can become tough. HootSuite offers a solution to that. With HootSuite, you can manage all your social media accounts from one location to stay connected with all your friends easier. The app supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and several other popular sites.


Instead of connecting through phone calls, keep your meetings with your friends interesting by communicating over video chats with your smartphone. Skype offers a range of features on their most basic version, including the following services:
  • Skype to Skype calls
  • Video chats
  • Instant messaging
  • Photo, video and file sharing
  • Group calls
  • Video messaging
Whether you're out of college or still have a few years left, these apps should help you stay connected with your college buddies.
Article written by Avinash Kasper who owns and blogs on Techno blogger and blogs on other tech blogs

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