Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Most important Android Apps for You

Android is becoming a trend for the teen around this globe. The developers and the android market place are coming with new features and also various implementations are done with android operating system. In this post, you can find the leading android apps in the android store.

1. Gmail:

Gmail is the one of the best android app for your mobile and it is selected as a must have tool for each and every android mobiles. It allows you to get your mail instantly on your mobile. Gmail Android app is specially built for Gmail Users to get their mail on their mobile more efficiently and reliably. You can get your emails through push message and various pop up notifications can be set in order to notify the incoming events.

2. Google play services:
It is predefined app that comes in all kind of android mobiles that are launched by various leading manufacturers. Google play services are the software which acts as a portal for down loading android apps in your mobile. You can manage your software updates by using Google play services itself. It allows you to get notifications and popup messages when any sort of function is performed. Gmail app also allows you to manage your multiple accounts and you can easily view your attachments and set up the labels.

3. Facebook: 

Facebook mobile app is the top leading and most downloaded apps in the play store which allows synchronizing your Facebook accounts with your mobile. By using Facebook mobile apps you can import your Facebook contacts into your mobile phonebook. This app allows you to connect to various peoples around the world very easily. You can easily share your updates over the app and you can do group chat conversation using your mobile Facebook app. It enables you to access your Facebook profile at any time instantly.
4. Maps: 
Maps are the must have apps that are downloaded by the people for finding various places, selecting and travelling to the destination, etc… GPS uses your predefined maps to show your exact location on your mobile devices. People used to download more android apps which are related to maps to find various places by simply hitting the names on your mobile screen. Map application also uses a GPS system to show your approximate location and you can get you exact position by using global positioning system.
5. Youtube: 

YouTube is a featured application that streams the YouTube videos on your mobile without entering into the YouTube homepage. It is also a predefined application that comes in most of the mobiles as built-in functions. YouTube mobile app has many features which let you to enjoy the happiness of watching real videos, YouTube app are downloaded by more than millions of people and used by them very often.

Not only are the above applications, the following android apps also downloaded by millions of peoples each and every day

* go launcher Ex

* whatsapp messenger

* viber

* twitter

* angry birds rio

* temple run

* google plus

* subway surfer

* skype

Various Android applications are found in the android market place which provides your various functions and features. Download them and enjoy being an android user.

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