Wednesday 30 October 2013

Best Vault For Android

Best Vault For Android
1. iWaterMark 

This app may not be pure "data-security;" if you do a lot of phone photography and share those online images, you’ll know that there’s always a risk of those photos being stolen and used with no credit. iWaterMark allows you to add a customized overlay to your images, giving you logo options and text making it a lot harder for nefarious parties to claim your precious snaps as their own. This application can be used without letting the others to know about your personal data and other private contents. You can secure your data such as pictures, videos and other media files by using this application.

2. Silent text 

Silent Text is a free app that requires a $10 a month subscription. Silent Text allows you to send self-destructing, fully-encrypted text messages that are only readable on the device to which they sent. This is because the company uses decryption keys that can be stored on individual devices instead of a main server. Featured on CNN and Forbes, Silent Key is considered to be one of the most secure messaging services available right now. You can get this application from the app market and you can secure your privacy very easily.

3. KeepSafe Vault 

This apps allows you to add selected photos to a hidden, password-protected folder on your device, which means that you can view your galleries in public without the more personal or otherwise private snaps being on show for all to see! It also means that you’ll never accidentally share your sensitive snaps to social networks or risk friends snooping if they pick up and use your device.

4. mSecure Password Manager 

It’s super secure and user friendly and will give you total control over all of your info. It will also auto backup to your email address and SD card , so that your info will never get lost.

5. Track and Protect 

Track and Protect is a app that allow you track exactly where is your device now and wipe it with the touch. Track and Protect runs in the background and guarantees that it will never drain the battery, and even takes photos of the thief if they try to break your passcode.

6. Hide it Pro 

Actually this application is a freeware that can be downloaded from the Google play store and you can easily improve your privacy by simply install this application in your mobile. This application comes with another application called audio manager app from which only you can access your vault application. You can even hide calls by installing this application in your mobile. By using this application, no one can see your personal stuffs and materials. This one totally keeps your files in a vault which is behind a fake application. You can store images, videos, audios and messages by using this application. This one brought you greater services from which you can avoid exposing your personal data to other strange peoples.

Thus various vault has been detailed in these paragraphs, hope you would like this stuffs. Your feedbacks are always welcome…

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