Wednesday 16 October 2013

7 Steps To Creating The Perfect Brochure

In the age of online marketing, you may be wondering whether you should skip creating a brochure. We would advise against that, for a few reasons. A brochure is an effective marketing tool, in conjunction with a broader comprehensive online and offline marketing strategy. A brochure can give your customers an offline option for learning more about you and your company. Want to do it right? Use our tips, and your brochures will be flying off the shelves!

- Focus, focus, focus. What is your company’s message? What does your company do, and what do you want to sell? Why should a customer buy from you instead of going to your competitor? Write out drafts of your core messages, and edit it down to the necessary elements.

- Know and cater to your audience. Who is the person you want to be buying your product? Who do you need to convince? Address your messaging to your ideal customer, instead of a general audience. Your customers will feel the connection that you are trying to make.

- Use headlines and subheads to break up long blocks of text. At sites like UPrinting, you have a lot of customization options. Use the tools available to make your brochure as easy to read as possible. While you do not want to dumb down your message, you also do not want to overwhelm your audience with too much information.

- Add attractive photos of your company and/or product to the brochure. In addition to breaking up the text, providing photos gives context to your message, and also adds depth. Use a service such as VistaPrint to upload your desired photos. Be sure to edit down the photos so that they align properly, and do not look too stretched out or small in the brochure.

- Choose your paper stock wisely. Online stores such as PsPrint offer different premium paper stocks, and multiple folding options. Choosing a cheap paper stock will give your brochure a similarly cheap and forgettable feel. Opt for a premium paper stock to make your brochure memorable, and to give your customers a nice, tactile object to respond to.

- Include a call-to-action. Whether it is asking your customers to come into the showroom, order something, or call the office, give them something they can easily do at the end of the brochure that relates to you and your company. If you are running a store, you can sweeten the deal by offering an exclusive deal or discount to the reader. Show off your tech prowess by including a QR code deal.

- Create an eye-catching cover that will make the recipient want to open the brochure. The front of the brochure is prime real estate, so use it wisely. Whether it is with photos, illustrations, or your logo, make sure that it is attractive, legible, and clear. Visually, it should pull the reader in, and the reader should be motivated to open the brochure to learn more about your company.
By Allison Preston. Allison is an avid shopper and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site based in Santa Monica, California. 

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