Saturday 12 October 2013

Must have android app to recover your stolen smart phone

Have you lost your mobile or a brand new mobile? Have you ever wondered what to do  your mobile has been lost? The most of the solution will be reporting a police complaint and another will be crying and forgetting that mobile. In this post you can get a better option for you; just install the following mobile app and you can easily track your mobile if you lost it.

Instead of downloading unwanted apps from the Google play store, you can download these two apps from the play store to track your mobile activity very easily.

1. Avast Free Mobile Security

Avast Free Mobile Security is a better option for you if you want to protect your mobile from unauthorized use. Avast Free Mobile Security protects your mobile from unwanted and malicious software. You can able to block unwanted call from the Avast Free Mobile Security and even you can block the unnecessary SMS from a particular mobile number using this app. Avast Free Mobile Security has anti-theft component which is used to track your mobile phone if your mobile gets lost or theft. By installing Avast Free Mobile Security, you can provide maximum protection for your mobile and home screen widget allows you to get instant access to your Avast Free Mobile Security center. Avast Free Mobile Security also creates a firewall which prevents the hacker to enter into your mobile phone and makes them to stay out of your mobile. If your incoming message has invalid or inappropriate links, Avast Free Mobile Security blocks those messages from your inbox.

2. Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti theft is another mobile security app which brings you various features to provide security for your devices. Prey Anti theft let you to track your lost mobile and even you can track your tablet by using Prey Anti theft. Prey Anti theft is a open source software which gives maximum protection to your mobile and gives you maximum protection and remote control.

Generally Prey Anti theft makes the device to sent information over the network silently which contains information about the device location, hardware information and network status. Prey Anti theft uses the device Global positioning system to get the location of the mobile device and transmit the location over the internet or by using text messages. The location gathered by the Prey Anti theft is absolutely accurate and you can easily track your mobile using the current location of your mobile. Prey Anti theft also uses Wi-Fi connection to transmit the information to the network. Prey Anti theft grabs the screenshot of the current session which is used by the thief in your mobile. So that you can easily track and judge what the thief is doing with you mobile.

These two apps are totally different from each other; you can seriously use any one of them in order to improve the security of your mobile. Various features of this app will corrupt your mobile if you use them in combination. Only one app can be installed at a time so that your mobile will work perfectly.

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