Saturday 12 October 2013

Nvidia Launches 4K Gaming

Nividia 4K gaming
The IFA 2013 and IBC 2013 have clearly shown that the Ultra HD standard in the coming years may play an important role in the field of entertainment and probably will too. But not only in terms of home entertainment Ultra HD is an important concept for manufacturers, but also in terms of gaming - NVIDIA has announced during a press release that you need to put more in the future to Ultra HD .

PC gamers will experience Ultra HD resolution One goal of NVIDIA here is to demonstrate the PC gamers the significant difference between gaming in 4K resolution and gaming in Full HD resolution. Basis of various images of the chip manufacturer was able to impressively underline that just that difference is relatively large.

 For this reason, one is convinced at NVIDIA believes that the 4k resolution for PC gamers is the next big thing that will dominate the gaming segment. Accordingly, not only more and more monitors with 4k resolution is expected, but also more and more powerful graphics cards as well as games that are optimized for gaming in 4k display.

A too fast change but according to NVIDIA is not expected soon, because at present all TV stations are not even switched to the 720p resolution, so that the distribution of Ultra HD as a standard will proves difficult achieve in general .

 Only in 2016, it is expected that Ultra HD will go for mass production and many devices will sold with Ultra HD resolution. Until then, the U.S. Company will try to offer PC gamers already first impressions and to give early transit passengers the opportunity to enjoy their games on the PC in 4k resolution. Accordingly it will take months together to boost ultra HD NVIDIA hardware can be expected.

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