Monday 21 October 2013

Best alternatives for Google alerts

Google alerts are the best mechanism which makes you stay updated with all kinds of activities that are occurring in cyber space. Google alerts is the best tool that sends you an alert which is happening over the internet. Google used to crawl continuously in the web; when the Google detects a keyword which has been subscribed by you, it automatically sends you an email regarding those stories. Suppose if you were subscribing for the alert regarding android, then you will automatically gets the emails regarding the android in your inbox. The main disadvantage of the Google alerts is that Google Alerts neglects what is going inside the social media websites. This makes it to not work perfectly as advertised. There are few alternatives to Google alerts which in turn gives you best alerts that gives you what is going on the Internet.

1. Talkwalker

Talkwalkwer is a best alternative which bring you to get alerted frequently with the events which are going inside the Internet. It helps you to monitor various events which are happening inside the cyber space and send you real time alert for your email inbox. It also monitors the activities on the social media websites, blogs, and online websites and so on. In Talkwalker you can subscribe to the RSS feeds as well.


The second places goes to the which is a free alert service from which you can track the brand or keyword which is mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Forums. The interface of the gives you a better wizard-style set up menu for setting up the alerts. This service also offers you to tack the mentions on a particular websites too. Once the process of signing up gets over, you will be asked to download and install the application extension for your device. You can also skip that step since the website has all sorts of features.


Newsly is another alert service which acts as a best alternative for Google alerts; basically it is not a email alert service similar to Google alerts but you can easily track out what is going on a blog, websites and even in online newsletter too. You can also sign in into your social media website which let you get notified when your friends makes some news over the websites. It will generate alerts when your friends make some alerts in your social media circles. You can even also use the monitoring tool which let you to track mentions of your names in the internet.

Infoxicate lets you to set up the pings for your things which you have been waiting for a longer time. This service is totally a different way which sends you an alert when the things happen in a cyberspace. You can get the information when that information is available over the internet. Suppose you need a update on android operating system, you will be automatically alerted when the newer version of operating system is available over the website.

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