Wednesday 23 October 2013

How to create eBooks from Wikipedia

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We all know about the Wikipedia, Wikipedia is a multilingual free internet encyclopedia which is mainly supported by non-profit foundation. Wikipedia enhances the various activities of the people around the world by providing different information over the Internet. It is the largest source of information which can be almost edited by anyone who was accessing the websites. Wikipedia has almost 365 million readers worldwide and it has more than 300 million articles in it.

Wikipedia has a built-in tool which let you to create your own formatted eBooks by using the various contents which are available in the Wikipedia. Various contents in the Wikipedia are combined together and those various contents are combined together to form an eBook. Basically Wikipedia has a PDF export feature which allows you to create a PDF file from the various contents available in the Wikipedia website. But in order to bring a change, in this post you can learn how to create a eBook in a EPUB format. EBooks in this format allows you to read various articles in various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, eBook readers and so on. PDF formats are better in the sense, if you want to create a print-ready eBooks.
Wikipedia allows you to create a eBook within a minute of time; in this article you can easily convert Wikipedia pages in to an eBook which can be viewed in your device. By clicking this link, you can easily activate the eBook creator in the Wikipedia website. The link is given by; you can also activate the eBook creator by clicking the tool box which is found on the upper right hand side of the website. Once the function has been activated, you can easily browse and add any pages on the Wikipedia website. These pages will be added in to your eBook when you click “Add this page to your book” link. Then you have easily access the added pages and you can easily add the linked pages to the eBook which you have created. Once the process of adding various pages has been over, you can easily view your eBook by clicking show book link.; this link gives your eBook and you can easily download the eBooks in the EPUB formats. You can use this eBook in our mobile devices as well as in your various devices which supports EPUB formats. These eBooks are totally free of cost you can generate and download as many as eBooks you can. You can download various eBook reader app from the Google play store and you can view those contents in EPUB formats through the download android mobile applications. This is an easy way which lets you to create your own eBook by surfing various contents in the Wikipedia website very easily. Hope so you have enjoyed these post, your feedbacks are always welcome.

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