Tuesday 29 October 2013

WhatsApp Messenger With Numerous Enhancements

WhatsApp Extensions are the best tools for an Android lock images, drawing tools and related tools and many more extensions sweeten the experience on using WhatsApp Messenger including, WhatStat, smileys etc. A mobile messaging service known as WhatsApp is now replacing their service not more than just a message. Whether teen or adult, the Messenger is installed on almost every Smartphone.

Now their service has also been available with video and voice recordings on to join friends interactive. Users send billions of messages via messenger every day, in Europe alone, around millions of users are reported. But WhatsApp does not stop as a substitute for a long SMS. Contrarily the WhatsApp come with useful enhancements and with great extra features you get even more out of the app.

 With the numerous extension tools available in Google Play, particularly in WhatsApp, there are plenty of useful component for any purpose. Tools such as WhatStat and Chat come with statistics and charts. Statistics inform detail about the amount of written and received messages and information about contacts. Other tools in WhatsApp such as “lock for WhatsApp “protect your messenger from prying eyes with a lock screen or password lock. But some applications also provide more anonymity: What Shadow has an Invisible mode, which disables all Internet connections, which are still read news and check post.

In addition to useful tools that build the relevant functions of the messenger; also there are some more things that bring more humor into the chat everyday or artistic metallic wire to light. The messenger emoticons are extremely popular and the range on the net is vast and diverse. HD emoticons to GIF files, and more, was not clinched and “send proof" is. Extensions such as smileys falter this emoticon to your existing library and provide for more variety in the chat.

In applications such as Z- type insert themselves as artists hand and draw on a digital canvas, which then can be sent to friends. Capabilities for applications are widely diversified under the heading creative tools. Not only pictures, but also fonts and sound effects with expansion tools are varied to sweeten the WhatsApp chat experience. WhatStat shows among other things how much, with whom, and even when they chat with; the most details with the help of a single tool.

The frequent use of the messenger brings a mass of data on your mobile device. Whether it is received images, audio recordings, videos, or voice memos, the storage capacity of Smartphones at times suffers under the flood of data. WCleaner is a tool that the smart phone or the SD card free from unnecessary clutter data. Other tools such as backup text help to create a simple data transfer from one device to the other.

Chat messages and emoticons are easy to transfer to Smartphone, SD card or transfer email. Since most mobile devices have widget extensions, some applications such as What Widget offer a special window for WhatsApp. With this you can read and post messages from the display, instead of opening of WhatsApp unnecessarily. WhatsApp Extension, the WhatsApp Bomber is one of best tools for Android and this tool sends massive text bombs and can stutter or crash the messenger of the receiver violently.

The WhatsApp Bomber allows you to send “text bombs“, that send to respective levels up to 360,000 characters of text to the WhatsApp Messenger of the recipient and get him to crash but no need to panic everything will be normal during a restart. Not only serious there are so many fun and humors applications are there in WhatsApp.

The tool Z Photo Fake hides your image when sending images in. Thus, it makes the receiver to face hardships to view the thumbnails and also it is easy to making silently the funny illustrations and sends them to our friends. A range of fake thumbnails is included in the tool and fun is guaranteed.

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