Wednesday 9 October 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is very tidy - which facilitates the operation and gives an elegant appearance. The Samsung Galaxy tab is available in three sizes with different three different technologies (2G, 3G etc). The most important innovation in the Galaxy Tab 3 is the Intel processor. Although the Atom Z2560 has only two cores, but the operating system offers the support of four cores - this hyper -threading technology has called the nuclear inherited from the great Intel processors.

But even in this form of the atom is really fast and even hangs the Tegra 3 processor with four cores from. The higher pace noticed can be when processing the larger size photos. Many current tablets come with very high resolution the Google Nexus 10 which is also built by Samsung even offer four but The Galaxy Tab 3 shows by "only” a megapixel (1280x800 pixels). When viewing videos or photos the viewer need not bother because the display offers a high-contrast image and vivid colors.

But small fonts are not quite as easy to recognize because of the lower resolution. The blue home screen of the Galaxy Tab is with a friendly design like many other Android tablets, however but it seems quite dark and dreary. The settings menu is also very clear, thanks to the design in black and white; the user comes along well and afloat to your destination. A wipe from above for calls is there on the touch screen as a short cut menu. With two taps can be there as the power-hungry GPS tracking off, turn on Bluetooth - for example to the tablet to connect to a headset - or put the device silently.

With the exception of the start screen user interface of the Galaxy is slightly less tidy than any other tabs. By the HSPA version of the Galaxy Tab 3 telephone calls over the mobile network are also possible. The user can also make video calls via the internet; it reaches with the best quality which offered by the front 1.3 megapixels, the eye on the back is of just three megapixels.

Take photo and video shooting with the Galaxy Tab 3 but only a little fun. After the initial setup, the Galaxy Tab offers listening quiet music. The up-regulation of the volume repeatedly acknowledged it with a warning - supposedly it was too loud. The Galaxy Tab 3 has a micro USB socket - which also have many smart phones. This is handy on holiday: There submit charger and a USB cable if you have multiple devices with this standard here. But to the TV set, the tablet does not come with USB.

 Even with a special MHL adapter from USB to HDMI TV is also there. The new processor is noticeably faster. In addition, the Galaxy Tab 3 is slightly thinner than any other tabs and has slimmed down about 70 grams in weight. It is therefore just as thin as the iPad, and at least 100 grams lighter than it. The battery power supports for a longer time.

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