Sunday 6 October 2013

Earplug MP3 Player with Teeth Controls

No tangling wires, but with a little space and with a limited control options offers the MP3 player Split. This is to be controlled in an interesting way; by the successive biting of your teeth. The headphones for mobile music player can be a nuisance such as; drawn from the bag, the user sees is often forced once to unravel the cord of your headphones before listening. But with the MP3 player split there will not be a problem since there is no cable attached.

The MP3 player is simply a pair of earplugs. Each has a small memory chip on which the music is stored. The plugs are inserted into the ear cavity and they play the stored music. The unusual operational concept makes the split one stands away from the crowd. The plugs have no volume control or any other controls. Even though they are separated they are magnetically connected and synchronize play of music. Thus, the songs will also be played strictly synchronous; a small chip with a clock is built into each set which is very accurate.

These begin to tick if the plugs are disconnected. The user can perform with your teeth. If you clack your teeth once each other is switched to the next piece. Biting twice make the volume changes automatically. There are only the settings low, medium and loud. Yes no more messy cables. Even the user need not open his mouth for it. To synchronize the playback of a command, a short radio pulse is emitted. The bite produces a slight vibration, which continues through the jawbone. An accelerometer collects the pulse and converts it to the corresponding command.

 Thus, the chewing gum while listening to music does not have to be removed from the mouth; the mechanism can be deactivated by pressing the right plug. The player itself allows only a few settings. If the user wants to change volume or sound, he can do it on the computer before transferring the pieces to your MP3 player. There is a special cable with a magnetic port to which the two ear plugs are clicked.

At the other end of the cable has a USB plug to be connected to the computer. In this way, music can be transferred to the player, and the batteries are charged. The device is rather something for the short journey to work than for a long trip. It is internal memory is enough for about two dozen pieces of music the battery lasts four hours.

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