Thursday 10 October 2013

Yahoo Acquires Hitpost Who is a Sports Specialist!

Yahoo is going to acquire the startup Hitpost which is developing mobile applications to bet on American sports. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo continues her shopping at a very high frequency. After Tumbler, Playerscale, Ghostbird, Rockmelt, IQ Engines and many others (twenty startups in total), the portal officially announces the acquisition of Hitpost recently.

This acquisition strengthens its portal around sports. Hitspot indeed develops iOS and Android applications (such as Sports Bet, Fantasy Football Polls) to include betting on American sports competitions. Yahoo had already acquired Bignoggins Productions also specializes in sports-related applications just a few months back.

 Founded in 2009, Hitpost  with seven employees, the company had raised more than $ 2 million from several investors. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed by Yahoo.

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