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Sunday 23 November 2014

Yahoo Replaces Google as Firefox's Default Search

Firefox Yahoo
Just from the coming December, Mozilla Firefox will utilize Yahoo search engine as a default, only in the United States on cell phone as well as desktop. On account of this five-year agreement, Yahoo will also start a new search experience in favor of the users of Firefox in the U.S. that would simultaneously make this Firefox to move away from Google.

Such a new kind search experience will provide a clear, fresh and immersive layout that reveals input from the Mozilla group. In Russia, Firefox will employ Yandex Search, while in China this will make use of Baidu as its default. On the other hand, Google, and a lot of other search engines like DuckDuckGo will stay as integral options.

Reasons for changing the partnership-

The Mozilla Company has long earned most of its funds by means of its joint venture with Google that has always been seen as default in Mozilla. In fact, in 2012, information known from a reliable source reveals that 88 percent of Firefox’s revenue came mainly from Google. The deal with Google was going to terminate this year, although, and it seem as either Yahoo has made an offer that Mozilla cannot reject or Google planned to walk away from the contract.

Opinion of Mozilla

CEO of Mozilla, Chris Beard stated that Google has been the default search engine of Firefox global since the year 2004. The renewal time of the deal is in this year, and hence Mozilla took it as a chance to assess its competitive approach and investigate the options. He even added that his company is really eager to work with Yahoo to get a new, expected search experience of Yahoo to the Firefox users in the particular country featuring the best of the Web, and to discover new modern search experience along with the content.

Statements from Yahoo

Similarly, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer recently perceived that she thinks that search is really a point of investment, prospect and development for the company. Such a joint venture aids to increase their success in search and even provides with an opportunity to serve closely along with Mozilla to get ways to create something more in search matter, communications as well as digital content.

Yahoo engine, in its present form, is supported by Microsoft Bing, certainly, although the company largely alters the results it obtains from Microsoft, in terms of design and in terms of status. There have long been gossips that Yahoo might end this agreement and return back its own particular search engine; however that appears improbable

This collaboration with Firefox will definitely provide Yahoo and even Microsoft a more powerful dominance in the search market. When Firefox usage has turned down over some of the previous years, this yet accounts for minimum 15percent of the browser market in the US. Yahoo at present possesses nearly 10 percent of the search engine of US market. To return back to the Google as default is only a matter of some seconds though some of the users want to go for the default.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Yahoo Buys Video Ad Service BrightRoll for $640 Million

Yahoo’s senior vice president of ad technology, Scott Burke and Sacerdoti has confirmed the news about the deal between Yahoo and Bright Roll. According to Scott, this deal certainly raises curiosity and raises concerns about the bet that the company has taken over video.

According to Scott Burke, although there are speculations and possible resistance, this deal can be easily considered as one of the biggest acquisition that has been done by the company. The first biggest acquisition was the Tumblr deal wherein the company has paid a whopping $ 1 Billion. Scott also stated that this deal with be combining the data with Bright-Roll’s programmatic video ad marketplace and Yahoo’s premium ad inventory.

According to Sacerdoti, this deal doesn’t change the fact that Bright roll will still continue their work with the non-yahoo publishers according to the advertisers expectation. Scott wanted to ensure that the power of Bright-Roll’s technology gets illustrated and for this he highlighted the amount of ads that are currently being served at this platform.

So what will happen? 

Yahoo is expected to be joined by 400 plus Bright Roll team and this will be followed by the association of the management of the company as well. At present Scott Burke from Yahoo has denied to comment and give any information about the position that will be given to Sacerdoti; he stated that he will be joining them as the CEO of Bright-Roll.

About BrightRoll: 

Bright-Roll was founded by Tod Sacerdoti in the year 2006, who is also the present CEO of the company. The Company has been successfully able to raise $ 40 Million through funds from investors like Scale Venture Partners, Adams Street Partners, Comerica Bank, Trident Capital, True Ventures, Michael Tanne, KPG Ventures, Fabrice Grinda, Jeff Clavier and Auren Hoffman.

According to Marissa Mayer, who is the CEO of Yahoo, video is currently one of the main areas of growth for the company apart from advertising and mobile and social media. They are expecting their video ad platform to become the largest platform in the United States of America post this acquisition. According to Mayer, they are expecting Yahoo to receive beneficial effects on their performance as Bright-Roll received nearly 2 million ad request every day and the company hopes to generate nearly $ 100 Million in net revenue/year.

Yahoo confirmed on Tuesday that they have paid a whopping $ 640 Million for San Francisco startup. This will help the customers to sell and buy video ads on mobile devices, websites and TVs. The company is hoping to reinvent banner ads in the entire process. At present the digital video advertising has taken shape of a very serious business. By the end of the year 2014, the web video ads market is expected to touch $ 6 Billion. This is nearly expected to increase by 56 % in 2018 and will touch $ 18 Billion mark.

The company wants to use this new strategy to the maximum potential and to extract the best from the market.

Friday 24 October 2014

Yahoo Aviate Launchers

Yahoo Aviate
Yahoo Aviate appears as the suitable application that you easily install on your Android device. It consists of the comprehensive interface along with the smart features that represents the wide platform with the technical outputs.

Here, you can explore the features such as the advanced calendar option and the music that help you to spend some nice time. You can even listen to the music using the headphones through which the clear sound would reach your ears.

Nowadays every person carries the smart Android device and thus can easily get the application without any difficulties. Moreover, it would give your Android device the complete new look with the customized features that reveal the importance of technology.

Organize the Complete System

Implementing the Yahoo Aviate, you would be able to handle the procedure efficiently comprehending the real time benefits. You would gain the different experience while using the Android device supporting the particular application. The suitable Yahoo Aviate launcher simplifies the operations on your Android device.

Installing the application, you can experience the normal home page along with the menus representing the user-friendly look. However, the application does not provide any security against the duplicated so you need to pay proper attention.

Once, you swipe the screen from right to left you can explore the complete set of applications and the themes including entertainment, social features, music etc. You can easily alter the features according to your needs arranging the complete system using the drag and drop option.

Get Familiar with the Operations

Before you initiate the process, it is important to understand the entire procedure knowing which options you need to select. Hence, you can swipe the screen easily, as you know where you should go to perform the suitable process.

Also, it consists of other features such as the shortcuts that would allow you to carry out the procedure efficiently. On the home screen, you can perceive the shortcut option that helps you to enter the particular arena without any difficulties. Browse the widgets at your ease that would help you to set the feasible options giving you the ultimate efficiency.

Moreover, you can explore the language flexibility, as apart from English you can get the other option including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Portugese and Bahasa. Hence, the users can select the suitable language that helps them to perform the operations smoothly. It eliminates all the intricacies establishing a strong set up for the application.

The Ultimate Experience

Taken as a whole, you are able to realize the original benefits that you receive installing the suitable application. It would show the simplified strategy that helps you to carry out the entire procedure successfully. Therefore, within much less time you are able to complete all the responsibilities simply using your Android device.

You can save the valuable time as well as effort through the Yahoo Aviator Launcher, the popular application for the Android set ups. Once, you comprehend all the features you can easily handle the process experiencing the real time solutions.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Yahoo is working on its own video streaming service

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer starts again an attack on rival Google. Now let forth it’s own video streaming service. CEO Marissa Mayer has apparently already with some YouTube Stars in conversation. Your goal here is to draw the most popular video - faces with alluring marketing promises and higher advertising revenues on their side.

Yahoo! the great portal, which failed to capture Dailymotion, would have opted for the internal development of a more generous service for content creators as similar to that of YouTube. We know that streaming video is one of the strategic developments of Yahoo. The portal had tried to seize the French Dailymotion in 2013 for 300 million dollars. And a rapprochement with Hulu was also considered but everything was unsuccessful.

Yahoo would therefore consider that it would be best to take things in hand since, Yahoo is developing a service that would arise as a competitor to the Emperor YouTube. To stand out, the group would provide more favorable conditions for the creators of content, the means by Yahoo service to attract the stars of the streaming service.

Moreover, according to sources, this platform is not open to all users but renowned contributors who have already acquired legitimacy on other services can only participate. Another specialty is videos are also published on the pages of the portal to provide greater visibility. The fight will be tough, however, in 2013 YouTube have captured 21 % of the income of video advertising.

 Thus the Yahoo boss may take in a sore spot in the house of Google. For some time now complain numerous popular YouTube artists declining advertising revenue they receive from clicks of the audience. The CNBC Partners even reports that Yahoo had already convinced some artists.

Yahoo cannot capture the video throne very easily therefore it see the strategic considerations before a competing offer that - unlike YouTube - focuses primarily on quality content. To ensure this, Yahoo initially offers only commercial producer the ability to upload videos.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Yahoo Mail Celebrates 16th Birthday With New Features

Yahoo! mail new features
The new version of the Yahoo mail portal allows particular web mail to customize its interface and free access to previously few paid features . The storage limit is set to 1 TB The refresh of Yahoo services continuously shows their force in market with the leadership of Marissa Mayer. This time, it's Yahoo Mail which takes advantage of her 16th birthday to be given a makeover and try to regain the upper hand against the GMail and (formerly Hotmail).

Their service is used by 100 million people every day. The program of the festivities, a graphic dust and the arrival of new free functions previously reserved for premium customers. The new interface, more refined, is common to all media and devices. Users can also enhance the application by including background image pictures from Flickr. The custom interface is synchronized with all service customers. Side functions, users of the free version can now get additional addresses; apply automatic transfer messages and filters.

In addition, the storage volume is now limited to one terabyte. Some actions related messages can be achieved by flying them. Moreover, trades between contacts are now organized as conversations like GMail and Outlook. Finally we note a new ergonomics for the applet instant messaging, address book and calendar. Yahoo has also changed the price of the ad-free version. If the former users of Mail Plus (15 per year) will be switched without additional cost to the new Yahoo! Mail Ad Free, new customers will be charged 49.99 dollars against 19.99 dollars a year earlier.

Thursday 10 October 2013

Yahoo Acquires Hitpost Who is a Sports Specialist!

Yahoo is going to acquire the startup Hitpost which is developing mobile applications to bet on American sports. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo continues her shopping at a very high frequency. After Tumbler, Playerscale, Ghostbird, Rockmelt, IQ Engines and many others (twenty startups in total), the portal officially announces the acquisition of Hitpost recently.

This acquisition strengthens its portal around sports. Hitspot indeed develops iOS and Android applications (such as Sports Bet, Fantasy Football Polls) to include betting on American sports competitions. Yahoo had already acquired Bignoggins Productions also specializes in sports-related applications just a few months back.

 Founded in 2009, Hitpost  with seven employees, the company had raised more than $ 2 million from several investors. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed by Yahoo.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Yahoo acquired Xobni!

For a small fee, of 30 to 40 million, Yahoo bought Xobni, a software contact management and messaging, mobile and PC compatible. If Yahoo continues to close down some of its services, it also makes multiple acquisitions, large (1 billion for Tumblr), but also with smaller startups. So this week, after the acquisition of Qwiki in the field of mobile video, Yahoo formalized the acquisition of Xobni, a California company founded in 2006. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but according to AllThingsD, Yahoo would have paid between 30 and 40 million at least. This is less than the funds raised by the startup since its inception, the site adds. Xobni publishes plugins, free and paid, contact management and email, including Gmail and Outlook, as well as applications for mobile platforms including Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The effects of this acquisition are immediate. The editor says its software Smartr Contacts for Android and Xobni for BlackBerry is no longer downloadable. For existing users, they can continue to use applications until July 2, 2014. Tools Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for iPhone are available for download at the moment of time. The editor warns that the withdrawal could come later, even if the media will be preserved for another year. Xobni also announced the end of the marketing of its premium products (Xobni Pro, Enterprise Xobni, Xobni for Teams, the Xobni Gadget Salesforce and JIRA Xobni Gadget). Active licenses remain valid until July 2, 2014.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Yahoo closes 12 services, including Alta Vista

The U.S. portal Yahoo! continues to focus by announcing the abolition of 12 more online services including the iconic search engine Alta Vista created in 1995. Yahoo! turns a page in the history of the Internet in ordering the closing of Alta Vista. The news came Friday so trivial via a blog detailing the closure of 12 online services between June 28 and September 28. Thus, Alta Vista will cease operations effective July 8, after 18 years of existence. Yahoo had acquired it in 2004 through the takeover of Overture. Other services to be the key figure, the Axis plug-in Yahoo! and Yahoo! Browser Plus, Yahoo! WebPlayer reader or RSS alert the service. This series of closures following a first wave decided last April during which five applications and services were closed: Upcoming (discovery of events), Yahoo! Deals (promotions), SMS Alert (alerts via SMS of topics), Kids (games, education) as well as Yahoo Mail and Messenger for standard mobile Java (J2ME).

Thursday 30 May 2013

Yahoo trying to acquire video streaming service Hulu!

After the failure of redemption Dailymotion, now Yahoo! tries to get VOD platform Hulu. In 2006, Yahoo! tried to buy YouTube in vain. It was finally sold for 1.6 billion dollars, a gold price that Google snatched it from the hands of his rival one of the world's video platform. In 2013, shortly after the arrival of Marissa Mayer, the portal returns to the load by trying to acquire 75% of Dailymotion for € 300 million. Once again it was a failure. This time it is the French Govt. who opposed to sell it to the U.S Company. Barely a month later, Yahoo! launched once more try in his eternal quest for video Grail. According to Kara Swisher of AllthingsD, Yahoo! would be willing to make an offer between 600 and 800 million dollars, but it calms the media enthusiasm by saying that it is unlikely that Hulu accepts an offer below to a billion dollars.

 It is another failure to Yahoo on the arduous road to the VOD platform? Unlike Dailymotion, Hulu is a VOD platform. The acquisition would be perfectly consistent because Yahoo! (through Yahoo Screen), as well as Hulu have recently redeployed to the production of content. Since 2010, Hulu produced web series and other video content. Yahoo! is itself has started already for example "Electric City," a series produced by Tom Hanks." By the acquisition Hulu could bring a unique expertise to Yahoo! in the field of content monetization, creating obvious synergies with Yahoo screen in countries other than the U.S. or Japan the only regions where Hulu is available. Hulu is a U.S. platform happens best monetize video content. Hulu is a pioneer in advertising. It was Hulu who introduced the "ad selector", which allows users to choose which view advertising before playing the video. ". Hulu has given best Results and reward to this technology. In 2011, Hulu exuded a turnover of $ 420 million to 2 million subscribers in 2012 alone; the turnover has soared to $ 700 million to 4 million subscribers. If the acquisition is consistent with the Yahoo! video, it does not necessarily take place in the most strategic time.

 Indeed, the company led by ambitious Marissa Mayer embarked on a frenzied acquisition strategy, acquiring all goes startups that sometimes do not emerge from sales. This is not the ideal time; Yahoo has squandered its $ 1.2 billion cash to buy Tumblr. However, Yahoo! will soon release more reserves. Remember that owns 24% of Alibaba will soon go public and potentially be enhanced up to 100 billion dollars. Finally, all these arguments are highly speculative since Yahoo! is competing with big players like Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Guggenheim Digital Chernin Group, KKR & Co. and an alliance of Silver Lake Management and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. Yahoo! believes that Time Warner Cable is the most serious competitor, "Actors like NBC, Walt Disney and News Corp., which currently have Hulu might be afraid to give a pure internet player that could cannibalize in creating a platform the size of Netflix. Indeed, these groups develop their own similar jobs and they might find it reassuring to sell Hulu to a player of their own ecosystem". Then the question of the amount of the offer by Yahoo! obviously come into play is unlikely that Hulu will agree to be settling at an amount lower than the recent acquisitions that took place in Silicon Valley. The acquisition of Tumblr 1.

1 billion may be taken as a standard. However, Yahoo! could still play on Hulu major flaw that is it’s difficult to enter into long-term contracts with rights holders that they commit several years to continuously feed the platform. In 2011, rumors had circulated a potential buyout of Hulu to $ 2 billion by Yahoo!, but it would have changed its mind, Hulu is unable to guarantee the delivery of content over four years. In the event of a failure of the acquisition Yahoo! will refocus on organic growth strategy, including developing Yahoo screen and producing their own video content. Yahoo! has the means to develop original and exclusive offers autonomous and do not depend exclusively on acquisitions.

Friday 26 April 2013

Sale of Dailymotion to Yahoo! Prevented by their Government!

According to sources, negotiations to sell a majority stake in Dailymotion with Yahoo are going on. The government, which holds a little more than a quarter of Orange shares, would have put pressure on the operator to terminate its discussions with Yahoo. Since last year, Orange does not hide their desire to increase the audience of Dailymotion in the world, especially in the United States. To achieve its goal, the incumbent has thus been seeking to find a U.S. partner. But since last March, it is likely that Orange and Yahoo! are negotiating. The partnership would be more logical if Dailymotion and Yahoo! both share their hands against their competitors to YouTube and Google. Such a marriage would have some sense. But Yahoo does not want to settle for a simple partnership, but rather take the option of biting mostly Dailymotion. There is talk of at least 75% share of specialist hosting videos on the internet. After the loss Priceminister, bought by the Japanese Rakuten in 2010, Meetic in 2011 (acquired by American Game), and France could therefore give another of his champions web.

 Dailymotion is one of the few content companies that France has managed to emerge on the Web in recent years, this is a real gem, and in addition does not lose money. It would be a shame to let it slip "has noted a personality of French Internet World. For the government, so let a foreign partner in a minority Dailymotion way is not a problem, but the majority stake is not in the program. Stephan Richard, CEO of Orange, has therefore complied with the requirements of the France government. Especially in recent months, rumors lend to Stephan Richard departure to other lands (Veolia), to be replaced by Anne Lauvergeon, former boss of Areva. However, this rumor was denied several times. Dailymotion on this same Stephan Richard reaffirmed its full commitment to the video platform owned recently 100% Orange. "I am very pleased with this investment, I personally rose at a time when shareholders Dailymotion, the FSI (Strategic Investment Fund, Ed), wanted to withdraw. (...) We will remain an influential shareholder Dailymotion and we will be attentive to the implications for Orange and the France of a possible alliance." It does not seem to matter of yield of Dailymotion another company to listen Stephan Richard. However, according to an internal source at Orange and contacted by Le Monde, the operator still not abandon the idea of finding a partner and is in talks with other American groups; But for a minority entry for them this time.

Friday 29 March 2013

Yahoo paid $ 30 million to a boy for the new app Summly

Nick D'Aloisio was 15 years old when he began to develop Summly, an iOS application which summarized the news using a computer algorithm digging into thousands of sources. Two years later, the Australian-born British sold his startup to U.S. portal Yahoo. Yahoo bought the Summly technology for $ 30 million (90% cash and 10% in shares of YHOO, according to AllThingsD). The portal will remove the application from the Appstore and hire Nick, who became the youngest employee of the company. During the two years of his hard work, the startup was successful in raising early 1.53 million from investors like Ashton Kutcher, Yoko Ono and Horizons Ventures.

Technology news aggregation of Summly will be integrated into mobile services of Yahoo. As mentioned Kara Swisher, the fashion is for mobile apps news: CNN has paid $ 20 million for 2011 and Linkedin Zite is doing the acquisition of Pulse for 50 million. It is not known how the young entrepreneur will touch on minor $ 30 million, but according to the Guardian, he said he was going to buy a new computer and new sneakers. Apparently the boy was already ahead of everyone when he was a child. He began to use the computer and making films at the age of 9 years, and then 12 years old, he started programming. His parents had bought the language "C #" for Dummies. And if the young prodigy was Yahoo to reborn in recent years, as did Apple with Steve Jobs when he returned?