Friday 26 April 2013

Sale of Dailymotion to Yahoo! Prevented by their Government!

According to sources, negotiations to sell a majority stake in Dailymotion with Yahoo are going on. The government, which holds a little more than a quarter of Orange shares, would have put pressure on the operator to terminate its discussions with Yahoo. Since last year, Orange does not hide their desire to increase the audience of Dailymotion in the world, especially in the United States. To achieve its goal, the incumbent has thus been seeking to find a U.S. partner. But since last March, it is likely that Orange and Yahoo! are negotiating. The partnership would be more logical if Dailymotion and Yahoo! both share their hands against their competitors to YouTube and Google. Such a marriage would have some sense. But Yahoo does not want to settle for a simple partnership, but rather take the option of biting mostly Dailymotion. There is talk of at least 75% share of specialist hosting videos on the internet. After the loss Priceminister, bought by the Japanese Rakuten in 2010, Meetic in 2011 (acquired by American Game), and France could therefore give another of his champions web.

 Dailymotion is one of the few content companies that France has managed to emerge on the Web in recent years, this is a real gem, and in addition does not lose money. It would be a shame to let it slip "has noted a personality of French Internet World. For the government, so let a foreign partner in a minority Dailymotion way is not a problem, but the majority stake is not in the program. Stephan Richard, CEO of Orange, has therefore complied with the requirements of the France government. Especially in recent months, rumors lend to Stephan Richard departure to other lands (Veolia), to be replaced by Anne Lauvergeon, former boss of Areva. However, this rumor was denied several times. Dailymotion on this same Stephan Richard reaffirmed its full commitment to the video platform owned recently 100% Orange. "I am very pleased with this investment, I personally rose at a time when shareholders Dailymotion, the FSI (Strategic Investment Fund, Ed), wanted to withdraw. (...) We will remain an influential shareholder Dailymotion and we will be attentive to the implications for Orange and the France of a possible alliance." It does not seem to matter of yield of Dailymotion another company to listen Stephan Richard. However, according to an internal source at Orange and contacted by Le Monde, the operator still not abandon the idea of finding a partner and is in talks with other American groups; But for a minority entry for them this time.

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