Saturday, 13 April 2013

Twitter Music is ready now!

There is now no doubt that the launch of the Twitter Music application is imminent and is going to happen soon. The official page is now active. However, any connection attempt causes a return to the home page for the moment which indicates that an invitation is needed. Several sources indicate that Twitter now reveal even very soon, maybe today, its music service. An ad that had taken place during the Coachella festival and which follow the takeover of We Are Hunted last year had already indicated the same. According to All Things Digital, Twitter will today launch that new application. Nicknamed the moment "Twitter Music", it would resume developed by We Are Hunted, bought last year concept.

The application works essentially a way of recommendation: it examines various indicators, including other Twitter accounts followed by the user. The music is then sent through a third party service such as iTunes or SoundCloud. The model would also work with videos, powered by Vevo service Sony and Universal. It is interesting to note that TechCrunch, via Josh Constine, highlights the dangers inherent in this festival as a launch: "The launch of a music application for the Coachella Twitter is risky. The festival is chaotic, the mobile signal is low, and people are trying to preserve their autonomy. Among the seven scenes and crowds of 75,000 participants, it may be difficult to find the time to download and use music application will. Hope we will get the answer soon!

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