Friday 12 April 2013

Microsoft removes a patch that failed!

It is always embarrassing to see a patch that creates more problems than it is supposed to correct. Yet this is what happened again to Microsoft's Security Bulletin April. The patch MS13-036 / KB 2823324 has indeed caused many problems for some users who tried to install through the normal process of updating Windows. For Windows 7, this patch causes crash in some cases when you restart the machine (blue screen) or conflicts with the system if it is protected by the Kaspersky antivirus. In The bulletin issued on Friday, Microsoft said that the patch has failed. It has therefore been removed from the Patch Tuesday. A significant number of users have already done or tried to do the monthly update for them, the editor gives instructions to follow to uninstall the patch holes. And a new patch will be released eventually to correct the fault initially referred.

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