Monday 1 April 2013

How to Clean a Digital Vaporizer

A digital vaporizer is a handy device for smoking herbs such as tobacco. Due to its nature of use, one must clean it regularly to increase its lifespan and obtain a clean vapor. When used to smoke tobacco, sticky resins tend to accumulate on exposed vaporizer components. As such, one must clean a digital vaporizer in order to reduce the buildup of tar on the various components of the apparatus including the screen, rubber O seal, aluminum bowl insert, slide, and tempered plastic bag attachment, which one should replace if it becomes too clammy with residue to permit proper cleaning. Here is a list of materials you need to clean a digital vaporizer:

Cleaning Materials for Digital Vaporizers

For the cleaning job, you will require the following items:
• Isopropyl Alcohol (between 70 and 90% concentration)
• Old toothbrush
• Plastic zip lock bag
• Bowl screen replacement parts
• Gloves
• Q-Tips
• Paper towels
• Basin

Steps for Cleaning Digital Vaporizers

1. With gloves on, detach any tobacco residue left inside the bowl attachment and use a toothbrush to scour off particles from bowl component. Brush the screen and slide components to remove any burnt tobacco particles.
2. Sticking two fingers inside the detachable metal bowl insert, gently twist it in an anticlockwise direction to remove it and then separate the bowl from the insert by removing the rubber O seal.
3. Upon doing this, you will find the screen and slide components lodged underneath the bowl insert. Detach these components carefully from the metal housing. Ensure you do not lose the metal nut and slide stick when prying off the screen and its metal support base.
4. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the bag attachment. Assemble the metallic components together with the bag attachment, and insert them inside the zip lock bag. Pour rubbing alcohol inside the bag until the vaporizer pieces are completely submerged. Seal the bag and let it stand for a while, shaking the mixture periodically to guarantee complete soaking.

5. Remove the pieces from the bag, and insert them inside a basin full of hot water. Clean each individual component inside out using q-tips dipped in alcohol to remove stubborn tar stains. Afterwards, rinse the components, and dry them using the paper towels.

6. Reassemble the digital vaporizer properly.

Tips for Cleaning Your Digital Vaporizer
• You may use a mixture of sea salt and hot water to clean the vaporizer components after soaking them in rubbing alcohol.

• If you experience trouble removing the plastic bag attachment from its clamp, simply push the ends of the rubber clamps away from each other. The clamps should be adjacent to each other and not interlocked.

• Ensure that all internal components of the vaporizer are completely dry before reassembling the device. This will prevent any electrical fault from occurring when you plug it in during usage.
Digital vaporizers are bound to get dirty with constant usage. When this happens, it is likely to stop you from savoring your tobacco using the apparatus. However, cleaning the gadget using readily available materials is relatively easy and you can do this by following the abovementioned steps.
Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has written almost exclusively for the web since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly a cigarette smoker, Sam has appreciated the health benefits of the Volcano Vaporizer.

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