Sunday, 31 March 2013

Twitterific 5.2 with push Notifications

Twitter is a short message service in which messages can be sent with a number of characters to 140 characters. The messages can also be provided with your own pictures and location. Hence more tools are available because of its huge user base. Twitterific 5.2 gets native Twitter tool and is available in a new version. Now in this version 5.2, the tool does with its own push notifications that inform Replies and direct messages. So far, it had an additional third-party tool such as Boxcar used. The notifications are not yet available to all users. They are in beta version and the feature will be rolled out gradually to other users. The notifications are currently only 1000 users.

 They are giving guarantee for access to this feature to the users who download the software and install it as soon as possible. Hence this is an early bird offer. This activation must be performed with each Twitter account and works on all devices after activation. In the next few weeks more users unlocked with the function. Otherwise, the tread design was modified inside the software. Twitterific is also similar to that of Tweetbot. Much like Tweetbot, Twitterific also costs money. However, the tool is a little cheaper. It can be yours for a minimum of 2.69 Euros. We can expect Twitterific can draw most of the potential customers of Tweetbot. The program is considered one of the best Twitter clients. Last yearTweetbot has updated its version. Due to changes in the API on Twitter, Tweetbot could not update its version soon. The choice of Twitter client is now very large.

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