Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Best Tablet for a CEO Depends on CEO Choice

The tablet computers combines unique features to make it easier for a CEO to know every aspect of his or her business activities while on the run. It is amazing how ultra thin electronic notebooks can perform so many tasks. Now, your work can travel with you. Just under two pounds, and measuring a little over 8inches by 0.5 inches, this notebook is never a heavy-duty lugging task.

Apple invented the tablet computer. Users can easily select data by tapping, moving and dragging them around. Furthermore, using a pinching motion with your thumb and forefinger, you can easily zoom in and out. You can get up to 64GB in choices of about six different models. CEO‘s needs GPS and the latest technology that tablets easily affords. They are very advantageous for CEO’s in all industries. CEO’s can stay on the move and stay in tune with everything going on at their place of business at the same time.

Benefits of using tablets include better typing experience, collaborations, diagramming, handwriting recognition, and are compatible with tons of application. Furthermore, they offer smooth technology to deliver dynamic discussion boards, surveying, emailing, and platforms for active learning and overall potential for excellent communication on every level.

The Nexus 7 sure packs many features and the best Tablet for a CEO who consistently multitasking. It features the top of the line screen and a high performance operating system. The Galaxy Notebook is quick to access and has a midsized screen. Users can get better advantage by using the S-Pen stylus and swiping to the left to close unused task.

By the way, a fast S-Planner keeps CEO's on top of events and meetings. Take easy screenshot by placing the palm of your hand over the screen. Furthermore, for quick searches, press and hold the menu key and you are right at the start page. Slightly larger than a Smartphone, the Galaxy Note can resize widgets such as your favorite bookmarks or the weather.

Similar to a binder, the big difference in the One Note is that it is digital and far superior to a binder. Made by Microsoft, it is a very flexible in just about any type setting. This notebook is endless and easy to manage all projects and workloads. Students really love the one note however, CEO can also easily adapt to the menus, and tricks to the programs.

The tablet runs Windows 8 on Intel and ARM hardware. They are excellent for extensive note taking. Furthermore, it has digital ink handling which great for taking ink notes. Windows specialize in using a fine point-drawing stylus for excellent hand written quality. These drawing formats can be converted to graphic files for viewing on non-Window platforms.

Overall, the type of tablet a CEO need greatly depends on preference. It is just a matter of getting out there and exploring more in depth the various reviews. There are so many different series, types and tablets to choose. Ask around, shop around and learn as much as possible about the best Tablet for a CEO.
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