Friday, 1 March 2013

Yotaphone, A Phone with two screens !

The Yotaphone is like all other Smartphone Android 4.3 " until we turn it and we discover the second screen. Device designed by Yota, a subsidiary of the Russian operator Yota, the flip side is Yotaphone Android 4.2 smartphone quite respectable with a 4.3 "of resolution 1280 x 720 px, has a dual processor 1.5-heart GHz and 2 GB of RAM and a 12 MP sensor. But it is lack of microUSB, replaced by a magnetic harbor. Side face, wears a Yotaphone eInk screen 4.3 "200 dpi. A gesture of two fingers to scroll from the top of the main screen duplicates the display on the secondary monitor.

Even if the phone runs out of battery the eInk screen continues to display the information: Yota take the example of Google Maps that is duplicated on the secondary display as a precaution. This screen can also be used for notification of area calls, SMS, tweets and Facebook messages, calendar alerts ... eInk screen low power consumption and avoids having to turn on the main screen: autonomy could be increased 30 to 50% according to the Russian manufacturer. Yota Device provides an API for developers to use the secondary display: a good example is reading apps that transform the Yotaphone a true digital reading light.

 The secondary display is not touch, but it can be controlled using a capacitive strip: it scans to pass a notification to the other if pressed and hold to change the type of notifications. Can therefore be used largely and Yotaphone need not turn on to the main screen. The Yotaphone will be available in the second half in Russia, Yota working with several operators to make it available before the end of the year in other European countries. Final price has not yet been set, but the Russian manufacturer assures us that it will be similar to the devices of the same level range - the eInk screen will therefore not increase the price.

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