Sunday, 31 March 2013

Four New Features In Google Analytics

Google has build four real time features in their Analytical tool. As you probably already know, Google analytics is offer you the statistics of your website traffic in real-time since September 2011which is a handy tool if you see a massive influx of visitors arrive on your blog suddenly. You instantly know about the traffic, where it comes from traffic now with the help of the Statcounter but now with the help of Google Analytics you can know more.

And in addition, the Google tool which is always free has just added a new feature “event analysis” (eg "add to cart" or "download") in real time and is available from the Analytics menu on the left. Second novelty in "Content" (Content), you can now see the number of visitors depending on the type of device they use: computer, tablet or mobile: [for example in my site, you will see below that at the time of writing, 68% of the 34 visitors, 23 people accessing it from a computer, while 33% or 11 people since the consult a mobile device such as Smartphone or Touchpad] And Google has also added two new features with the ability to create shortcuts to analyze specific segments in real-time such as Shortcuts real time and the comparison of the filtered data in real-time with the global data, still all in real time.

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