Thursday, 28 March 2013

What to do if you have a Virus on your Computer/Laptop?

Do you use your laptop or desktop computer all the time? 

Most people use their computer weekly if not every day to surf the internet and visit social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Browsing the internet is great as you can find out information you need and learn many new things from it and is also a great method of communication. However, surfing the internet can mean computer viruses can be picked up without you even knowing.

Does your computer keep freezing, generally running slow or even crashing? These can be signs of a computer that has picked up a virus.

Can I remove it with my Anti-Virus Software I have installed?

Yes, most anti-virus software will have pop ups that come up that will tell you if the page/ site you have clicked on is safe or not, some will actually stop you from going onto the page if the software has picked up a virus. To get rid of any viruses that have appeared on your computer you have to do a scan that will identify them and tell you their strength and delete them for you. It is best to run a scan every so often even if it hasn’t prompted you to do so just to be safe. These software’s will get rid of most viruses.

But how can I get a virus if I have anti-virus software installed on my computer?

These Anti-virus software’s such as Norton, MacAfee and many more do prevent and detect viruses by giving warning that the page you have just clicked on may contain a virus etc or it may even stop you from accessing pages. However, some of the big viruses can still get onto your computer as the spyware software isn’t powerful enough to remove them. When this happens, your computer will take ages to load, will run slowly and maybe keep crashing etc so it needs to be removed to allow your computer to function properly again. If you have Norton etc on your computer and it picks up a big virus it will also tell you so you can run a scan to try and remove it.

How do I remove it if my software can’t?

The only way a virus like this can be removed is using a spyware that is stronger than the ones you can buy in the shops and can wipe all viruses. These spywares are only available in repairs shops such as Geek Squad. Geek Squad have the technology to wipe all viruses from your computer by plugging it in to their technology and deleting it that anti-virus software cant!

Where to take my Laptop/PC?

The best place I have found is Geek Squad. Geek Squad are a company of agents that work in partnership with Carphone Warehouse, they offer a range of services including Insurance, Repairs, Tech Support and One-Off Services. They are based in some Carphone Warehouse stores but not all so you have to find out where your nearest store is!

Geek Squad offer a one-off service called virus removal to those that do not have insurances or tech support memberships with them. If your PC or laptop is infected they will be able to remove it for you if you take it to one of their Geek Squad hubs. They will simply remove the virus for you, show you precautions to take and how to prevent further viruses. They can also install new spyware for you if you wish.

I wasn’t a Geek Squad customer that had and memberships with them so I used their One-off service to fix my laptop. I had heard about these from my friend who has insurance with them and when I was telling her what had happened to my computer she recommended them to me.

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands like Geek Squad can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

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