Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Trust Accounting Software

A company working on a range of general accounting solutions and presently focusing on property and strata management applications, originated in the year 1979 in a small shipyard suburb as their first office of operation. The company has been steadily growing through direct selling solutions to property professionals in New Zealand and Australia, presently supporting over 4000 businesses and employing 12,000 plus property and strata management users. Their teams on board are well equipped with all the knowledge, with experienced strata, property managers, book keepers or IT specialists. Customers can get in touch with them via phone or email or through their site to avail the desired services from them. Users can trust accounting software supplied by them which is innovative, reliable and easy to use software. The Strata or Body Corporate Management solution helps to manage and streamline efficiently the operations of strata properties and helps in the progress of services towards the clients thereby improving and enhancing the business. The option of downloading a free product demo is available at the site and interested clients could take advantage of the same.

 The features of Strata is that it integrates with banking software from important financial institutes and processing of statements downloaded as files are done in the most efficient way with receipt levy payment and automatic bank reconciliation system. The automated download system also permits the split bank interest and the prevailing fund balance at the time of paying the interest and the option of choosing the total amount of interest to either the Administrative or Sinking fund can be allocated. This software also give a sophisticated management of GST accounting functions which has comprehensive reporting, payment facilities and receipts with the option to report GST on cash or non cash basis with the registered ATO. User can export all BAS totals into a single spreadsheet to ensure all returns are reconciled and lodged. Besides it also enables managers to issue owner invoices for the recovery of electricity, water and gas, charges of which have been directly billed to the owner’s company. Additional useful information on their product features are available at the site which could be checked, to get more acquainted with their products.

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