Saturday, 9 March 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Sales Forecast

We know, BlackBerry done a grand launch of their BlackBerry Z10, supposed to bounce off the market of high-end Smartphones. While most observers, praised the quality of the BlackBerry Z10 we have to wait for few more weeks to get the clear cut message. Moreover, information on the initial sales of Z10 is contradictory. In early February, the Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins indicated that the Smartphone has made a good start in England and Canada. In the homeland of the company, sales of the new Smartphone during the first launch day were 50% better than any other brand. As for England, "we have almost tripled our best performance for the first week sales of a BlackBerry Smartphone," assured Thorsten Heins.

 In addition to this observation delay the launch of the Smartphone in the U.S. (mid-March), the prices charged by operators deemed not competitive enough against Apple and Samsung and controls "conservative," the analyst decided to Frankly say goodbye to its downward sales forecasts. Having relied on 1.75 million units sold in the first quarter, it is now focusing on 300 000 units sold over the same period, a decrease of 83%. The "vision" of the analyst is obviously taken lightly. The first concrete evidence of the success of the Z10 will be available in early April, when the publication of sales figures from IDC and Gartner first quarter

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