Sunday, 10 March 2013

BIS, BES10 Services of BlackBerry Z10

End of January; RIM changed its name and became BlackBerry. The company took the opportunity to launch its new gadget full touch screen, the Z10 and its BB10 operating system. But behind this renewed range, hiding deeper changes on which BlackBerry and we decided to go into the details before you deliver an opinion on this Smartphone. Historically, when you buy a mobile device, you must subscribe before a specific option in your operator (BIS, or BlackBerry Internet Services). It was indeed necessary to access the internet, receive your emails etc. Included in your package or offered in addition to a few dollars per month. With BB10, the BIS is dead and indeed it is a good thing.

BlackBerry Protect:

 BlackBerry Protect allows you to find and protect your BlackBerry. As a reminder, the first allows you to find your Smartphone if it is lost / stolen, make it sound, it will display a message, lock or delete its contents remotely. The second offers a number of features for organizing your travels. But now, as operators do not always play the game, the BlackBerry experience might seem inconsistent, not to mention the competition from Android and iOS devices, for example, which do not require any option to manage e-mail. With BB10, the BIS have simply disappeared and is no longer necessary to take advantage of all the features. Since the launch of the device you will have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G and your mails including calendars and contacts via many services like Exchange, POP or IMAP Gmail and Yahoo are also well recognized. A simple BlackBerry ID will be required to take advantage of these options fully. The new generation of BlackBerry smart phones (and later Z10) still requires activation of an option (BIS) for the use of services such as: email, BBM, applications, BlackBerry World. It is a very specific architecture for BlackBerry. In most cases, we had initially been told that the BlackBerry option is often included in operator packages. Orange Sosh has not yet changed their texts, but they informed that "they will clarify their customers the BlackBerry option which is not required to receive services on BB10. They assured that no customer with a Z10 BlackBerry has to pay.

 BlackBerry Business Cloud Services:

 Unfortunately, the earlier version that does not recognize BES10 the Z10 which is currently used. Hence we have to wait for a possible update for that they are managed. Hopefully this will be the case with the new offer to be proposed around Office 2013 will be announced by the end of the month.

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