Wednesday 3 April 2013

Advance interface of VLC for Windows 8 / RT is ready!

VideoLan gives some news of the progress of the development of its application VLC for Windows 8 / RT, including the interface that now seems to be consistent with Microsoft prerequisites. This is the project via Kick starter who helped raise the funds necessary to develop its interface with VLC Modern UI Jean- Baptiste Kempf, president of the VideoLan, talks about a few changes made to the famous multimedia player. First of all, the interface buttons have been fully adapted to prerequisites imposed by Microsoft as 90% of those commonly used by VLC did not comply.

In addition, libraries relied on by software like gcc and Mingw-w64 were reviewed passage. In addition, some non-functional code with the Microsoft API (MSVCRT 11.0) has been disabled or extensively revised in order to take advantage of. Many bugs present in there were fixed now and added support for ARM platforms for Windows RT. Finally, it is stated that Windows Phone 8 will be the next stage of development. For the moment, no date was given for the release of VLC in the Windows Store.

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