Friday 12 April 2013

Secretbook for coded messages in Facebook pictures!

A new app available in the Chrome Store called Secretbook, which helps you to encoding messages into pictures that you then upload to Facebook. This extension for Google Chrome browser protects secret messages to the public and governments, says the text description of the app. Its author is Owen Campbell-Moore, a computer science student at the University of Oxford and also intern at Google. To use the application is simple, just upload a photo JPEG format at least 960 × 720 px preferably (for best quality) and avoid putting pictures with large identical parts (sky background solid color). Then enter your message and set a password for your friends to read it. Once the image is created with Secretbook, you just put it in a Facebook album or on the wall of your friend. The art of steganography is not new, and indeed perhaps the word reminds you of the story of the 10 Russian spies arrested in the United States in 2010? There are already tools to hide coded messages in images on Facebook but they were more complicated. Owen Campbell-Moore had to reproduce the images recompression algorithm used by Facebook. The app mimics what the social network to the reprocessing of the image of that minimizes damage and deformation that cause the secret message.

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