Tuesday 16 April 2013

Google Glass is nearing Completion!

The vision of the Google Glass is nearing completion getting closer. Today Google has released further details and an Android app. 2000 testers have agreed to test the data of Google Goggles for $ 1,500 in 2012. By and by they get their devices now. The details sounds impressive do not necessarily mean small glasses but they are there already. The camera, one of the main functions, features five megapixels pleasant when you shoot photos or videos at 720p. The user gets 16 GB of memory, of which four gigabytes of software but is technically proven. The battery will hold a full day. It is connected to the glasses with an Android device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. On the Smartphone application "My Glass" must be installed. It controls all the functions that run from the glasses over the phone. This includes calls, SMS and letter grades and the Internet connection. For children less than 13 years Google Glass is taboo. If you are below 13, you could suffer severe visual impairment: The display consists of a small prism in front of the eye. It is illuminated by a bright projector. The final price, the most important selling point, Google has not betrayed. But it should be well below the $ 1,500.

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