Saturday 6 April 2013

Rumors about iWatch!

The rumors of a new Apple product are louder. Explains Apple could present a smart wristwatch soon. In recent months in internet again and again it appeared image of iWatch. Californians are working on a Smart Watch, a modern version of the watch, which is closely connected with the Smartphone for quite some times. It is baptized by the Internet as "iWatch" device which is going to come later this year to the market. At the same time, the combination of clock and mobile phone seems to be useful if the clock via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the second screen of your Smartphone is inconspicuous.

 So you could check with a look at the iWatch incoming mails, updates on social networks and upcoming events. When the phone rings in his pocket then shows the clock whose calling. Or to control the MP3 player and is used by voice control built to launch their own calls or send text messages. At the same time it would be possible for each user adjusts the display's iWatch about apps to their needs, to see there about the current weather conditions or to follow the live ticker of football games. The social media are circulating rumors that from an independent iWatch Apple phone to be worn on the wrist. It is a chic accessories but it could be a real argument for buying the Apple phone.

Other mobile phone manufacturers are of course also come to the clock idea. Samsung working on a Smart Watch for its Galaxy S4 Google programmed a version of Android for the wrist and even FirefoxOS, the latest mobile operating system, seen on prototypes for the bracelet. Other competitors have already more or less in the Smart watches in the market. Sony is selling its Smart watch for about 80 Euros a high-tech clock that connects to the phone via Bluetooth. Nike (169 Euros), Motorola (249 Euros) and Garmin (149 Euros) have models specifically for athletes in the program.

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