Wednesday 10 April 2013

Tablet Market: Android vs Windows

Windows and Android tablet are the most widely held tablet gadgets in the world today. Android for instance is the most all the rage mobile platform in the world. Microsoft on the other hand is not left behind, Their Windows Surface tablet is available in two versions; one uses the Windows 8 operating system while the other Windows RT. Both have the ease to enable users to navigate on the screen using either a mouse or keyboard, or with the use of a touch gesture which is on the screen using a finger.

Primed as a different era of technology, companies are being competitive with their range of products they have to offer in the market. Let's focus our attention on Android and Windows tablet and see what new exciting features they bring on the table for the lovers of technology around the world.

You will be excited to experience the different types of new amazing tablets on the market, Android and Windows. Android tablet runs on the Android operating system, Android tablets have plenty of amazing features to offer. With this devices you can access all the exciting Google apps you have heard of. We have over 600,000 apps and games available on the Google play. All these are for your entertainment alongside thousands of books and movies to keep you glued to your new electronic device. Browse fast and efficiently on your Android tablet using chrome; access your web pages faster and efficiently than ever before. Enjoy and experience the power of Google search on the go.

With Android tablet, you can seamlessly and quickly switch between apps and pick up whatever you were working on before. Managing multiple tasks simultaneously on a Windows and Android tablet device has never been easier.

Microsoft has never been left behind either. With their new Windows 8 tablet, there is only so much you can do. In the emerging mobile computing era, the genius of technology and creativity of device makers can be interesting. The world has just become a global village with these new ranges of devices. Accessing the internet has never been easier; communication has become simpler and efficient. Microsoft sells its own range of Microsoft Windows 8 RT tablet. It measures 9.3mm thick. Its surface is built around magnesium casing that weighs less than 1.4 pounds, comes with an NVIDIA- inbuilt ARM chip which powers it. Microsoft's-hardware partner went an extra mile to do some extra touches, this includes: A built-in stand, aduo 2x2 MIMO antennas for wireless fidelity 10.6-inch optical HD display comes with a magnesium attached cover, which protects this awesome device; it includes a track pad and a full multitouch keypad. As for extension, it comes with one each of microSD, HDMI and USB 2.0, in addition a64GB or 32GB storage, while software comprises the usual Windows 8 accessory and a new version of Netflix.

Given the changing aspects of emerging trends invigorated by consumer tastes and preferences, industry players are spending more time in developing new and amazing products, on Windows and Android platforms. In the near future i predict dominance is the same.
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