Saturday 27 April 2013

Sony Cybershot HX 50 with Wi-Fi and High Zoom!

The Sony Cybershot HX50 wants to bridge cameras redundant. The compact camera has a lens with large focal length range and 30x zoom. Wi-Fi helps in transferring the images. Yes the Sony Cybershot HX50 has a lens with a 30x zoom. Previously you had to use for such a focal length in large, unwieldy bridge cameras. Converted into small format it reaches to 24-720 millimeters. At these high values, an optical image stabilizer is mandatory, since the focal lengths can be photographed from the hand hardly quiet. At 720 millimeters a small movement of the hand the picture can spoil completely. Hence Sony equips the Cybershot HX50 loaded with a CMOS image sensor of which has a resolution of 20.4 megapixels. And this typical compact camera also takes videos in full HD resolution. Transmits its images via wireless the camera to other devices such as Smartphones or laptops and also sets them on-line services. In the variant HX50V the camera additionally contains a GPS module that helps geo tagging. The 272 gram camera has a three-inch screen on the back, which is used to image control and as a viewfinder. In this unusual compact camera there is accessory shoe will take you to an electric viewfinder, a flash, or a microphone. The suggested retail price for the black or silver camera is 419 Euros. The GPS HX50V version will cost 439 Euros.

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