Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Windows Phone 8 will be Full HD screens soon!

According to The Verge, Windows Phone 8 will manage the high definition Full HD screens by the end of this year. This support is planned for version GDR3 (General Distribution Release) and is currently under development for future Smartphones. And several updates for Windows Phone 8 will be available before the Blue version. Recently, it has been able to see that the Lumia 928, expected to Verizon soon embark GDR2 version of Windows Phone 8 and the Version 3 is scheduled for later in the year, and obviously we know at least one of its characteristics. According to The Verge, the GDR3 Windows Phone 8 will take into account the effect of Full HD (1080p) for screens, while the system is currently limited to 720p.

 According to some source, who cite several sources "close to Microsoft Project," this future version of the mobile system would also support new chips from Qualcomm. This is particularly the case of models with four cores. Double support is ultimately logical, especially if you replace the elements in their context. In December, Bloomberg stated in effect that the manufacturer HTC had to cancel a draft Smartphone. The company wanted to produce a Windows Phone 8 model equipped with a 4.7-inch screen 1080p but finally gave up.

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